Our Store is closed effective Sept 17, 2016.

Unfortunately, after 13 years helping people lead a pain free life, we lost our lease and were forced to close our store.

You can still order Z-CoiL Footwear online but they will not be adjusted.  If you purchased from our store before, we probably have fitting notes on you and can help you adjust a new pair of Z-CoiL's.  If you have not purchased from us but have Z-CoiL's, we may be able to determine your adjustments from photo's and customize the shoe from you.  Contact us via email and we will check our records to see what we can do.

We have arranged a discount code for our customers when ordering online at zcoil.com.  At checkout, you will see a box for Coupon Code.  Simply enter zcoilsj in that box and you will get a 10% discount!  It would be best to send me an email first so I can look at any adjustments needed.  There is a good chance I can tell you what to enter in the comments box to have headquarters adjust the shoes before they ship them.  We are still looking at other ways to be able to help our customers and we will send an email out if we figure something out.

We can be reached at (408) 558-9596 or send an email to sales@ez-shoes.com.

My heartfelt thanks go out to all of my loyal customers that allowed me to pursue my passion for as long as I was able.  I wish you all the best in the future!




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Joya moves you!

Lassen Sie sich beflügeln!The young Swiss shoe developer Karl Mueller Jr., whose father, Karl Mueller Sr., invented the MBT and sold the company in 2006, has created a new revolutionary shoe called Joya, representing a new category of comfort footwear. Joya shoes make walking joyful, fun and effortless.  

The world’s softest comfort shoe moves you from the very first step -- an elegant comfort shoe that gives you an unmatched walking feeling and experience. Joya is already one of the most sought after shoes in the comfort shoe category. The “Joya Feeling” is almost impossible to explain with words, better yet: try on a pair of these extraordinary shoes and let yourself experience what the Swiss call becoming “befluegelt” (the rough English translation for “befluegeltis to wing, to give ability to fly; to inspire, to stimulate).

Features & Benefits:
  • Lightweight Luxury and comfort
  • Pampers and indulges your feet from the very first step; cools/refreshes/guides your feet
  • Joya is fun and makes you happy
  • Dampens foot strike, absorbs shock, reduces joint stress, aligns body, increases back, glut, calf, hip, thigh and core muscle activity
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle and active walking


Doctors, orthopedists and physical therapists recommend Joya as ideal footwear for active walking and a healthy lifestyle. Here is what they have to say about Joya.  The main secret of Joya comfort shoes is its internationally patented Joya Sole Technology. Every step taken mimics the natural foot strike of walking barefoot on soft natural terrain.

You are given the emotional experience of walking effortlessly on a concrete planet. It's not about sculpting and toning a chiseled physique. It's not about being the "cure-all" shoe for orthopedic pain. It's simply about making walking a joyful and effortless experience!

 Click here to see what a local fitness reporter is saying about her experience with Joya! 


For Men

Testen Sie Joya


      The Mustang Coffee




      The Cruiser


The Tony


For Women


The Tina Silver





The Mary Jane





         The Paris Black



 Other styles available in the store. 

Come in to experience the World's Softest Comfort Shoe ever!   You will be glad you did.


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