Our Store is closed effective Sept 17, 2016.

Unfortunately, after 13 years helping people lead a pain free life, we lost our lease and were forced to close our store.

You can still order Z-CoiL Footwear online but they will not be adjusted.  If you purchased from our store before, we probably have fitting notes on you and can help you adjust a new pair of Z-CoiL's.  If you have not purchased from us but have Z-CoiL's, we may be able to determine your adjustments from photo's and customize the shoe from you.  Contact us via email and we will check our records to see what we can do.

We have arranged a discount code for our customers when ordering online at zcoil.com.  At checkout, you will see a box for Coupon Code.  Simply enter zcoilsj in that box and you will get a 10% discount!  It would be best to send me an email first so I can look at any adjustments needed.  There is a good chance I can tell you what to enter in the comments box to have headquarters adjust the shoes before they ship them.  We are still looking at other ways to be able to help our customers and we will send an email out if we figure something out.

We can be reached at (408) 558-9596 or send an email to sales@ez-shoes.com.

My heartfelt thanks go out to all of my loyal customers that allowed me to pursue my passion for as long as I was able.  I wish you all the best in the future!




   Serving the Northern California Coastal areas (formerly EZ Shoes and Z-Connection)

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These testimonials are from people who have purchased Z-CoiLŪ footwear from our stores in San Jose or San Francisco.

"Helped me with my bad knee. I can walk better."  Louie B.,  San Francisco,  CA

"Helped reduce pain in knee."  John T.,  Campbell,  CA

"Relieves of knee aches and pains."  Avelina G.,  Daly City,  CA

"My knee doc says they're saving my knees."  Frances R.,  San Francisco,  CA

"Alleviated the pain of plantar fasciitis - which was severe."  Georgette T.,  Los Gatos,  CA

"Less pain in back and feet."  Oanh D.,  San Jose,  CA

"Stopped pain in my feet."  Sandra G.,  Redding,  CA

"Less point pain, better stride/more normal walking mechanics."  Jane B.,  San Ramon,  CA

"Relief from my plantar fasciitis. Thank you."  Arlene R.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"Relief of back pain."  Phyllis M.,  Petaluma,  CA

"Pain free walking, standing, hiking. Has sufficiently reduced knee pain, enabling me to get back to my 45-60 minute walk/hikes. I'd missed so much for three years! Am ready for professional pair for work now."  Nancie B.,  San Carlos,  CA

"Walking much better."  Nickie L.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"Able to walk without a cane."  Kathryn Y.,  Alameda,  CA

"My heal pain has subsided!"  Terri T.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I can be on my feet most of the day without my feet hurting. They get tired, but don't ache like they used to. I really like them very much!"  Dixie Y.,  Watsonville,  CA

"I have been wearing Z-Coil shoes almost exclusively for over five years, and have five pairs of different uses. I recovered from plantar fasciitis almost immediately, and cannot live without these footwear!"  Donna`B.,  Sonora,  CA

"My back is much better. I wear them everyday!"  Grete B.,  Campbell,  CA

"I have a serious arch problem. The Z-Coil shoes have eliminated my constant pains, and allow me to be active all day long."  Virginia R.,  Modesto,  CA

"Certainly seems to assist in relieving joint pain in my knees and hips. Also seems to help with my back pain."  Mike S.,  Mountain View,  CA

"My feet do not hurt when i wear Z-Coils."  Shirley S.,  San Jose,  CA

"I couldn't live without them. They help with knee, back, and foot problems big time!"  Marlene S.,  Alameda,  CA

"These have improved my back and knee pain!"  Athena P.,  Los Gatos,  CA

"I was supposed to have a knee operation 3 years ago. A doctor told me to try these, and now I do not wear anything else!"  Annalies A.,  Tiburon,  CA

"These have helped my lower back and knee pain."  Gwendolyn M.,  Pacifica,  CA

"Disappearance of pain from my heel spur."  John L.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I felt immediate relief. I have worn these everyday for over 10 years."  Greg M.,  San Francisco,  CA

"Nice springy walk. They also lessen my back pain."  Ann Y.,  San Francisco,  CA

"Relief from ankle, knee, and lower back pain."  Samantha B.,  Berkeley,  CA

"Very comfortable walking shoes!"  Billie S.,  Castro Valley,  CA

"Helps my hips feel better."  Anonymous

"My feet, knees, and hip feel better."  Constance S.,  Manchester,  MD

"These have reduced the inflammation of my heel and knee.  I love my Z-Coils!"  Jon G.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I can now endure shopping trips with my wife for long periods of time."  Clarence L.,  Livermore,  CA

"Fantastic shoes! I have never been happier!!"  David C.,  San Francisco,  CA

"My back pain is gone. I am addicted to these shoes."  Mario B.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am feeling less back and knee pain, and my feet feel great."  Bruce W.,  Fremont,  CA

"I've been wearing Z-Coils for a year now.  I can work 8 hours a day on my feet without feeling pain.  Plus, after work, I can go out dancing again!"  John C.,  Palo Alto,  CA

"I can now walk without pain.  Thank you!"  Barbara H.,  Pleasanton,  CA

"I am noticing less joint pain due to the amazing shock absorption that these shoes provide."  Nancy H.,  Palo Alto,  CA

"So far, about 85% of my pain from a heel spur has been reduced."  Bonnie E.,  San Jose,  CA

"These shoes are wonderful.  I no longer have pain in my hip, back, knee, or heel!"  Polly R.,  Lower Lake,  CA

"Excellent for my back and knees!"  Baifang S.,  Berkeley,  CA

"It really lessens my calf pain. Thanks."  Josefino F.,  San Francisco,  CA

"Within 2 weeks, my knee pain was decreased by 75%. It is a miracle. I can finally work without pain."  Margaret P.,  Tiburon,  CA

"My heels are no longer painful. The balls of my feet hardly ever are painful now. Thank you so much."  Sue M.,  San Francisco,  CA

"These shoes have improved my ability to stand. I love these shoes, and have worn them everyday since purchase!"  Lynn B.,  Los Gatos,  CA

"When I wear my Z-Coils, I can go all day and not have to worry about ending up laying in bed."  Dorian R.,  San Francisco,  CA

"No more pain in my heels."  Janis A.,  Pleasanton,  CA

"My knee and heel do not hurt as much as before."  Elizabeth S.,  San Jose,  CA

"These shoes definitely relieve heel and back pain."  Rebecca L.,  San Ramon,  CA

"These are by far the best shoes that I have ever worked in.  I am very comfortable while standing at work all day."  William S.,  San Jose,  CA

"I just plain feel good, while I am wearing Z-Coils.  I have several pairs."  David V.,  San Jose, CA

"Pinched nerve gone, feet are cooler not standing on concrete directly and better posture."   Carlos M., Santa Clara, CA

"Much less heel pain." John O., San Jose, CA

"Going up and down stairs is much easier in Z-coils. I can now walk further and stand longer than before."  Frank M.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I have better posture, and less pain in my neck, shoulder, and back. I can walk further and stand longer. I live in these shoes! I love them!"  Christofer A.,  Hayward,  CA

"I work as a massage therapist. These shoes help my lower back and knees. I am walking faster now too!"  Glinda A.,  Pacific Grove,  CA

"When I bought my first pair, I was considering plantar fasciitis surgery. But, the shoes saved the day (or foot)!! My heel pain has decreased at least 80%."  Janet C.,  Pleasanton,  CA

"When I went on our cruise to Alaska, I never could have walked as much as I did in any other shoes. They are great."  Margo C.,  Redwood City,  CA

"Z-Coil has all but eliminated my back, knee, ankle, and foot pains.  They have allowed me to keep working."  Teresa V.,  Richmond,  CA

"I feel more stable, and my back pain is gone. I no longer use good feet orthotics. Z-coil shoes are very comfortable."  Kristin B.,  Salinas,  CA

"Took away the pain and discomfort I had on my knees and back."  Margarita G.,  San Francisco,  CA

"Alleviates much pain from a congenital hip defect! I am able to stand, walk on, and enjoy cement sidewalks! Thank you very much."  Stephanie L.,  Alamo,  CA

"Less back pain. It is much easier to walk with my fused ankle."  Judy S.,  Morgan Hill,  CA

"The person who helped me was excellent!  Multiple changes were made to the shoes until we were both sure that it was a good fit.  Very comfortable."  Deborah S.,  San Jose,  CA

"After work, my feet are not as tired and do not hurt as much."  Joyce U.,  San Jose,  CA

"My feet are no longer in pain."  Milissa K,  Mountain View,  CA

"I have damaged Achilles tendons, and Z-coil shoes make it so I can walk all day."  Ruth S.,  Brisbane,  CA

"I walk 3 to 4 miles daily for exercise.  I seem less fatigued when wearing Z-coils."  Alfred M.,  Los Gatos,  CA

"My back pain is diminished."  Ron Y.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I have only been wearing them a short time, and already my back pain is decreasing."  Dorothy I.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am able to walk faster and easier, with less back pain."  Gary S.,  Morgan Hill,  CA

"So far, these shoes have saved me from having knee replacement surgery."  Trudi T.,  Mountain View,  CA

"I have felt so much better since I have been wearing my Z-coils!"  Nancy H.,  San Francisco,  CA

"My feet and legs never feel tired!"  Ruth R.,  San Francisco,  CA

"No more heel pain on either foot."  Benjamin V.,  Milpitas,  CA

"I feel much less fatigue through my whole body."  Christopher H.,  San Bruno,  CA

"Now I am able to walk with my Z-Coil shoes, and my knee pains are almost gone!"  Zenaida P.,  Union City,  CA

"No more foot pain.  I tell everyone I know about this store."  Cheryl Z.,  Stockton,  CA

"I can still walk!!  I have crushed heels and a broken ankle, and these shoes are the only thing that will allow me to keep moving."  Caryn C.,  Fruita,  CO

"I like the shoes very much."  Maya R.,  Orinda,  CA

"I can walk with much less pain."  Adrrienne S.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I am an avid hiker.  I've now tried every kind of trail there is, and my Z-Coil hiking boots do well on all. The benefits are numerous, and I never want to be without my Z-Coils!"  Tony H.,  San Francisco,  CA

"These shoes have greatly reduced my knee pain."  Julie R.,  Dublin,  CA

"Decreased pain and better comfort during those very busy days!"  Tiffany E.,  Daly City,  CA

"Improves my balance." Benita W., Los Gatos, CA

"Relief of planter fasciitis, relief of knee and hip pain." Karen B., Monterey, CA

"Less foot soreness, I feel great all day!" Bill M., Los Gatos, CA

"Feet and legs don't hurt, less fatigue after long 10hr. work shift." Cynthia C., San Jose, CA

"They relief foot and back pain." Martha A., Mountain View, CA

"More comfortable walking."  Peter W.,  Cupertino,  CA

"I am a disabled Marine who was very dependent on my cane to move around.  Now I feel much better, and do now use the cane as much."  George B.,  San Francisco,  CA

"These shoes are so great. I was able to cancel my scheduled operation for extreme plantar fasciitis pain!" John P.,  San Jose,  CA

"Really helps to lessen pain in my lower back and knee."  David F.,  Morgan Hill,  CA

"My hips do not hurt as much as they used to, and my feet feel much better."  Janet H.,  San Jose,  CA

"My plantar fasciitis does not hurt anymore!"  Noel G.,  Oakland,  CA

"When I am running, I can tell that these shoes are better on my joints."  Lucie R.,  San Jose,  CA

"When I wear Z-Coil shoes, my plantar fasciitis doesn't bother me at all."  Lonnie L.,  Buffalo,  ND

"Before I bought these shoes, I could not stand the pain when I walked.  After one month of wearing Z-Coils, I feel so good that I signed up to do a 60 mile walk for cancer research."  Roberta B.,  San Martin,  CA

"I had instant relief from foot, leg, and knee pain.  I can now do high impact aerobics without pain."  Patricia D.,  Sunnyvale,  CA

"My legs and back don't hurt after my 12 hour shifts like they used to!"  Mary D.,  Menlo Park,  CA

"I am now walking with ease and comfort in Z-Coil's!"  Fred R.,  Dublin,  CA

"Incredible relief from plantar fasciitis. It still hurts a little bit though. The relief was immediate, and getting better everyday."  Whitney J.,  Morgan Hill,  CA

"Less foot pain after long hours of standing."  Michelle A.,  Yucaipa,  CA

"NO MORE PAIN!!!"  Claudia L.,  Concord,  CA

"I love my shoes and the service was great. No more joint pain!"  Kathleen P., Los Altos, CA

"No more knee pain!"  Toni N.,  San Francisco,  CA

"My back and feet started feeling better right away."  Myrna S.,  San Jose,  CA

"I can take long walks again,  especially on hard surfaces like cement."  Carol P.,  San Jose,  CA

"When on my feet all day,  my knees and back have much less pain."  Rick M.,  El Cerrito,  CA

"Since buying my Z-coils,  I have not had to take as much pain medication.  Now I can do more walking in less pain!"  Bob M.,  Sheridan,  MT

"As soon as I put these shoes on, my back started feeling better.  Now when I wear them, I have no pain."  Stan F.,  Palo Alto,  CA

"So far Z-coils have been very beneficial.  My plantar fasciitis pain has diminished considerably."  Rod B.,  Belmont,  CA

"I can walk without my nagging foot pain."  Jennifer C.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I am very pleased with my results.  I can work, walk, dance, and save money on medication with these shoes!  I am now able to be out of the house and not live in pain with my foot problem."  Clara P.,  Redwood City,  CA

"There is less stress on my lower back and knees when walking."  Joseph G.,  Redwood City,  CA

"Z-coil's have reduced my back pains and totally relieved my foot pain!"  Dorothy B.,  Berkeley,  CA

"I no longer get tired very easily when standing for a long time."  Leticia E.,  San Francisco,  CA

"My feet are so comfortable.  Also, I now have increased mobility."  Helen K.,  Kensington,  CA

"My back feels straighter and taller when I wear my shoes."  Lorraine L.,  Morgan Hill,  CA

"After wearing the shoes for 7 days,  I stopped using pain relievers altogether."  Sofronio A.,  San Francisco,  CA

"My back pain is gone."  Daisy Z.,  San Francisco,  CA

"Prior to wearing Z-coil shoes,  I would get cramps late at night in my legs.  I have been wearing Z-coils now for 5 years without cramps."  Michael C.,  Santa Maria,  CA

"My feet feel so much better!  It is like I am walking on air."  Kasha S.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I feel less pressure on my back and my feet feel great."  Mariah N.,  San Francisco,  CA

"My shoes are very comfortable.  I walk hills every morning and the impact seems lessened dramatically."  Kathleen O.,  San Francisco,  CA

"My hip pain is definitely lessened and now I am able to walk longer distances."  Simone U.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"My left knee and right hip joints are arthritic.  The shoes help me walk more naturally, thereby lessening fatigue and pain when I walk or stand.  I am even able to go to the gym again!"  Jane B.,  San Ramon,  CA

"Back and ankle pain is gone."  Calvinina M.,  Oakland,  CA

"Less lower back pain."  Denny V.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"My feet do not hurt nearly as much.  My back and groin pain is completely gone.  These are the best shoes for my body."  Jackie M.,  Hayward,  CA

"Buying these shoes was the best investment I ever made.  I feel much better!  Thank you."  Annie M.,  San Jose,  CA

"The lower back pain I experienced daily, has lessened.  After wearing the shoes for 2 months, I notice a significant improvement."  Linda K.,  San Francisco,  CA

"Lower back pain is greatly improved."  Willard H.,  San Francisco,  CA

"They have really helped my knee.  I can walk and stand much longer."  Jeanne P.,  Hayward,  CA

"The bottom line is that I can now walk.  The shoes and the customer service is simply great."  Raeanna L.,  San Jose,  CA

"Tremendous pressure is taken off the feet when walking.  The spring takes all of the beating, and it feels like my feet have a chance to heal properly."  Mylan T.,  San Jose,  CA

"Z-coils relieve tension from my lower back.  I have noticed an improvement with sciatica pains, and I am able to walk up hills with less pain."  Virginia W.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I felt relief from my heel pain instantly and it is improving each day."  Nancy A.,  San Francisco,  CA

"My plantar fasciitis is gone."  George D.,  San Jose,  CA

"I can now walk without pain.  That is huge!!  Nancy B.,  Morgan Hill,  CA

"When I wear my Z-Coils,  I get relief from my back,  knee,  and foot pain."  Mia A.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am now able to walk without my 2 canes!  I have arthritis in the back,  knees,  and feet.  Without these shoes,  I would not be getting around."  Marlene S.,  Alameda,  ca

"This is my 5th year wearing Z-Coils.  They are a Godsend.  I would probably be in a wheelchair by now,  if it wasn't for your shoes."  Daniel M.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I have extremely painful heels.  I can now walk twice as far wearing Z-Coils."  Don E.,  Union City,  CA

"No more back pain.  The shoes are extra comfortable."  Zaher S.,  Gustine,  CA

"No more ankle pain.  Also,  the pain in my lower back and hip has lessened."  Mary B.,  San Jose,  CA

"My foot pain has been eased.  I can now stand at work all day and be fine.  I am happier overall!!!"  Sharon L.,  El Cerrito,  CA

"My feet are comfortable and do not hurt for the first time in 5 years!"  Roy L.,  Monte Sereno,  CA

"My back does not hurt as much."  Michael B.,  San Bruno,  CA

"When I wear Z-Coils,  My posture feels better."  Erica C.,  Stockton,  CA

"Major back pain relief,  and my feet feel great."  Jane E.,  Burlington,  VT

"I have to walk all the time at work (as a nurse).  I am very satisfied at the end of the day when my feet do not hurt (after a 12 hour shift!)."  Virginia B.,  Petaluma,  CA

"These shoes are excellent.  I have improved posture,  and less back and leg pain!"  Frances D.,  San Jose,  CA

"The benefits I have received from wearing Z-Coils are numerous.  There is much less impact on my feet,  arches,  legs,  and back.  Much increased comfort while standing and working on concrete floors."  Joseph H.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I am amazed.  I have much less pain in my heel and sciatic nerve."  Ellen B.,  Willits,  CA

"These shoes have certainly helped my back when walking on the treadmill for exercise."  Rose C.,  Naples,  FL

"NO KNEE PAIN!"  Cacy C.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am now able to stand and walk without severe back pain."  Annika D.,  Mountain View,  CA

"I am walking better,  and my knee and foot feel so good."  Doris R.,  San Jose,  CA

"My pain is gone!  These are great shoes."  Yvonne W.,  Antioch,  CA

"I now have better posture,  and my back pain is not bothering me.  I love wearing them all day!  Walking on cement feels like a thick carpet.  My feet are happy!  I am happy!!"  Margie J.,  Oakley,  CA

"My posture is much better when I wear my Z-coils.  My upper back benefits. The pads on the bottom of my feet no longer take a beating."  Lewis D.,  Berkeley,  CA

"I am now able to take long walks without my back hurting."  Peter Y.,  San Francisco,  CA

"My lower leg muscles do not cramp at night anymore.  My bunions ache less.  My lower back pains are much better when I wear these shoes."  Bill B.,  Redwood City,  CA

"I am very satisfied and comfortable."  Lavell B.,  San Francisco,  CA

"My feet feel much better.  Everything has been great.  Great shoe,  great store!"  Raeanna L.,  San Jose,  CA

"My Z-coils have lessened my leg and heel pain."  Lynn W.,  Connersville,  IN

"I am able to work as a hospital volunteer because of these shoes!!"  Linda W.,  San Jose,  CA

"My feet, knees, and legs are feeling 100% better when I wear Z-coils all day." 

"The pain in my lower back and hips has gotten a lot better.  The callous on my foot seems to have gotten smaller also."  Dennis S.,  Salinas,  CA

"I am able to walk without feeling the harsh impact of the floor.  This has given me more energy and I am able to do more."  Serena T.,  San Francisco,  CA

"These shoes are really working out for me.  My plantar fasciitis is causing me less pain."  Alice L.,  San Jose,  CA

"These are very helpful in relieving the pain from my heel spur.  I can now walk without pain."  John L.,  San Francisco,  CA

"These shoes are affording me relief from leg and back pain."  Richard J.,  Hayward,  CA

"Reduced muscle pain in legs and feet.  Great shoe!!"  Don F.,  San Francisco,  CA

"These have helped a great deal.  Thanks!"  Paul H.,  Palyura,  VA

"Reduced pain from plantar fasciitis."  Anne C.,  Rohnert Park,  CA

"The biggest benefit for me is that there is a lot less fatigue when walking uphill.  There is also a lot less stress in walking long distances."  Marge H.,  San Francisco,  CA

"Complete resolution of calcaneal spurs and plantar fasciitis.  I am now walking much further with greater enjoyment."  John M.,  Fountain Hills,  AZ

"I am now able to spend more hours on my feet without pain."  Karen O.,  San Carlos,  CA

"I have been able to resume walking for exercise.  I have lost 13 pounds!  I will recommend these shoes to everyone.  Thanks for a good product!"  William S.,  Livermore,  CA

"No more heel pain!"  Victoria A.,  San Mateo,  CA

"I have better posture now and there is less strain on my ankles and calf muscles."  James P.,  Pacifica,  CA

"I am finding that all of my joints feel better when I wear my Z-coils."  Patricia H.,  San Jose,  CA

"The pain in my lower back and left hip has been decreased significantly.  Thank you!"  Nancy C.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"I can walk longer and further without my knee hurting."  David O.,  Salinas,  CA

"I have had several back surgeries,  to no avail.  When I wear the Z-coils,  my back pain is reduced."  Al B.,  San Mateo,  CA

"I'm walking taller and taking longer strides when I take my daily walks.  I feel much more energized when I wear them (which is now ALL THE TIME!)."  Diane B.,  San Mateo,  CA

"Walking is much more comfortable.  The rocker sole helps me walk longer distances,  and the coil reduces almost all of the shock from my body."  Nicolee B.,  Oakland,  CA

"I work 12 hours a night on metal floors.  Needless to say,  my feet always hurt me.  Now that I have my Z-coils,  I am much less tired at work and in far less pain!  Thanks a lot!"  Graciela J.,  Fremont,  CA

"Since I bought my Z-Coils, I have been pain free.  These are my most comfortable shoes by far."  Jerry W.,  Walnut Creek,  CA

"After years of pain,  my right forefoot is getting to the point of not hurting."  Caroline R.,  Redwood City,  CA

"I think these are great shoes and they offer benefits to knees and hips."  Stan C.,  Woodside,  CA

"These make walking uphill much easier."  Kaz O.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I no longer have heel pain and I am able to work 12 hour shifts in the ER with no heel and foot pain!!  Tammy L.,  Lockwood,  CA

"These have saved me from wearing a brace for my medical foot condition.  I now have 9 pairs!"  Virginia R.,  Modesto,  CA

"I am on my feet all day caring for patients.  My back,  knees,  and feet have felt much better since I started wearing Z-Coil shoes.  Thank You."  Karen M.,  Sunnyvale,  CA

"I am getting great relief from lower back pain.  Also,   the added mobility makes it easier to get moving after sitting for over thirty minutes."  George D.,  San Jose,  CA

"My Z-Coil boots have been the best thing for me.  I can now stand and walk all day without any discomfort."  Rick S.,  San Raphael,  CA

"I stand a lot during the day.  I no longer feel tired after several hours on my feet."  Min P.,  Sonoma,  CA

"I am getting relief from plantar fasciitis.  Also I am experiencing less back strain at work."  Charles S.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I no longer need my pain medication!"  James A,  Pleasant Hill,  CA

"Z-Coil shoes are so comfortable!"  Elizabeth B,  Oakdale,  CA

"I feel more energetic.  I love the cushion and support."  Carl S.,  Anaheim,  CA

"Buying these shoes is the best investment I have made in 30 years.  My aches and pains seem to go away from my back ,  knees,  and feet when I wear them."  Fred B.,  San Jose,  CA

"My heel doesn't hurt when I wear my Z-Coils."  Sonya P.,  Hayward,  CA

"My back feels better,  and I am able to stand and walk longer."  James S.,  San Jose,  CA

"I have gotten relief in my back,  knees,  and feet.  I no longer have to wear my uncomfortable orthotics in my shoes."  Robby D.,  Alameda,  CA

"I wish I had found these shoes sooner!  I don't have to wear my arch brace anymore!"  Nida M.,  Hayward,  CA

"The benefits I have received are enormous!  My feet no longer hurt!"  O. P.,  San Francisco,  CA

"My foot pain has decreased."  Joann G.,  Morgan Hill,  CA

"No more pain in my knee or my back."  Gerald L.,  San Francisco,  CA

"My metatarsalgia is not nearly as painful and it is much easier to walk."  Marilyn F.,  Saratoga,  CA

"My hip, knee, and ankle no longer are painful.  I rarely wear any other type of shoes."  Linda W.,  Novato,  CA

"These shoes have definitely helped with my lower back pain and allow me to stand and walk all day as a teacher."  Lisa K.,  Martinez,  CA

"I find it easier to walk uphill and to stand in one place."  Daniel L.,  Alameda,  CA

"I feel that now I can stand for several hours without feeling tired."  Helen A.,  Mill Valley,  CA

"These shoes have cured my plantar fasciitis!"  Elvie P.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"I have better posture when I wear these.  Also my feet no longer hurt when I stand for a long time."  Ashwin S.,  Richmond,  CA

"These help with my back and knee pain."  Lill F.,  San Bruno,  CA

"Relieved the pressure on my knees and back while I work.  The shoes also help me when I lift stuff at work."  Michael F.,  San Bruno,  CA

"I can now return to my 5 mile walks."  Ed M.,  Pleasanton,  CA

"More energy,  Less knee pain!"  Richard K.,  Saratoga,  CA

"My feet feel a lot better.  I can stand at work and not have painful feet at the end of the day."  Anthony M.,  Modesto,  CA

"My plantar fasciitis has gotten better."  Jo Ann W.,  Merced,  CA

"My feet do not get as tired after doing a lot of walking."  Agapita J., Gilroy,  CA

"Mo more leg or foot pain!"  Henrietta B.,  Manteca,  CA

"I work with special education children and do a lot of walking.  After hurting my back,  I was having problems performing my job.  Now, my only problem is having to take them off!  Connie T.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"There is much less shock on my body when I walk."  Alison H.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I am now walking and dancing,  and my feet,  knees,  and hips do not hurt!  I am a walking advertisement."  Ruth S.,  Redwood City,  CA

"I am getting relief from pain caused by bunions."  Peter W.,  Cupertino,  CA

"My knees are better.  I can now walk further distances."  Suzzan W.,  Modesto,  CA

"I am no longer having back, hip, and knee pain.  I walk 4 miles every day, and 6 miles a day on the weekends.  I don't wear any other shoes!"  Nancy B.,  Dunedin,  FL

"I am now able to get up after sitting without a limp.  I am able to walk much more comfortably.  I want another pair.  Tara L.,  Turlock,  CA

"I feel great.  My back and leg pains are gone!!  I feel great when i use them!!"  Evelia A.,  Fremont,  CA

"I have plantar fasciitis.  These alleviate my heel pain."  Steven L.,  San Francisco,  CA

"No more knee and hip pain when I jog on my treadmill."  Mike Z.,  Burlingame,  CA

"Less leg and back pain.  I am now able to walk more."  Richard J.,  Hayward,  CA

"I can walk much better.  These are the best shoes I have ever had."  Raeanna L.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am now able to walk all day and not get tired."  Connie V.,  Los Gatos,  CA

"My legs no longer hurt."  Al B.,  San Jose,  CA

"I'm able to walk and dance more when I wear my Z-coils."  Karen H.,  San Jose,  CA

"My balance is now better."  Sarah W.,  San Jose,  CA

"My back doesn't hurt.  I am also getting relief from my heel spurs." 

"These are by far my most comfortable shoe."  Trudi T.,  Mountain View,  CA

"My body feels less impact pain."  Alice L.,  Boulder Creek,  CA

"I have bunions.  My Z-coils  allow me to run and walk without pain."  Dan C.,  San Jose,  CA

"With these shoes I am able to do more vigorous aerobics."  Karen G.,  Alameda,  CA

"I have stopped taking my pain medication!  I can now walk and be on my feet longer without my hip hurting."  Susan B.,  Fremont,  CA

"My posture is improved because of these shoes.  They also help with knee stress when I walk."  William M.,  Los Gatos,  CA

"No more pain in my lower back!"  Gary K.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I can walk without pain.  Thanks!"  Barbara M.,  Hillsborough,  CA

"When I walk,  I no longer have pain in my lower back and hips.  I also have not gotten shin splints,  which I used to get all the time."  Marcy K.,  San Jose,  CA

"I'm very pleased that my heel pain is now under control.  Z-coil shoes are the answer."  Gabe P.,  Milpitas,  CA

"My posture is better.  I love how they start conversations!"  Michele H.,  San Francisco,  CA

"There is not as much pain in my heel.  I think they are great shoes."  Randy M.,  San Francisco,  CA

"This is my third pair of Z-Coils and I love them.  I work a 12 hour graveyard shift which involves walking most of the night on metal floors.  With these shoes my job is so much easier.  I go home without pain in my feet.  Thank you very much!!"  Graciela J.,  Fremont,  CA

"Since breaking five bones in my foot,  I wasn't able to run at all.  Z-Coils have allowed me to run again.  Thank you very much."  Lawrence M.,  Oakland,  CA

"With these shoes,  it is easier for me to walk uphill and stand for long periods of time."  Rose R.,  San Francisco,  CA

"My heel pain is completely gone.  My knee pain is completely gone.  I am having more energy at the end of the day.  These have worked so well for me that I bought 3 pairs!  Javier C.,  San Jose,  CA

"This is my 6th pair of Z-Coils.  They allow me to walk normally after a left ankle injury.  From day one,  as a bonus,  removed nearly all of my back pain."  Richard Y.,  Salinas,  CA

"My heel, knees, and back are no longer painful.  When I wear regular shoes, I can really tell the difference.  Robert O.,  San Jose,  CA

"Better ease of movement.  It also seems as there is less weight on your lower back!"  John H.,  Fremont,  CA

"Much less foot fatigue and less pain from plantar fasciitis."  Richard S.,  Pt. Richmond,  CA

"I am now able to walk and stand PAIN FREE!!!"  Jani C.,  Concord,  CA

"There is much less wear and tear on my body due to the shock absorbing coil on the shoe."  Bruce B.,  Hayward,  CA

"I can walk farther with very little joint pain.  Ca K.,  Sausalito,  CA

"Very comfortable.  Much less aching."  Charles W.,  Lakewood,  CA

"I am now able to walk further each day without having extreme lower back pain.  Thank you!!!"  Patricia H.,  Oakland,  CA

"These are my favorite shoes."  Savita E.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"My lower back pain was relieved from day one and also my hip pain left soon after."  Donna H.,  Newark,  Ca

"These are very good for my back and my posture."  Lawrence Y.,  San Francisco,  CA

"Wonderful pain reduction.  I can stand longer and walk better when I wear my Z-coils.  These shoes have changed my life!"  Harlan K.,  Oakland,  Ca

"My foot pain has been decreased.  It is not totally gone yet, but now I can get up and start walking without stepping gingerly."  Marie D.,  Gilroy,  CA

"I am experiencing decreased heel and back pain."  Charlene L.,  San Jose,  CA

"Eased lower back pain."  Mercy A.,  Oakland,  CA

"My back,  hips,  and knees seemed to feel better since I started to wear theses shoes."  Toshio U.,  San Jose,  Ca

"Z-coils have taken away my knee and ankle pain."  Greg P.,  Los Gatos,  CA

"My shoes have been wonderful!"  Karen G.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am now able to stand for long periods of time without back pain."  Glen L.,  Morgan Hill,  CA

"I am having increased endurance,  and now I am taking longer walks."  Paulino A., Pleasanton, CA

"I can walk for long distances now without foot pain."  Sally J., San Jose, CA

"Less wear and tear on knees after running and walking."  Ellen D., Belmont, CA

"They have changed my life.  I now now can walk and stand for extended periods of time without pain.  I even danced last weekend,  which I hadn't done in 15 years."  Karen H.,  San Jose,  CA

"Less knee and back pain."  Betty S., Boonville, MS

"Walking is now more comfortable." Delicia P., Santa Clara, CA

"The shoes allow me to walk miles and miles in comfort." Judith B., San Francisco, CA

"Less leg and foot pain while walking on cement floors at work."  Bernadette L.,  San Jose,  CA

"Less pain in my hip and my knee."  Chris B.,  Fremont,  CA

"Awesome!!"  Nancy S.,  Aptos,  CA

"These shoes have eliminated my lower back pain and general fatigue."  Bryce G.,  Corralitos,  CA

"I can walk forever and now my feet do not hurt!  If my feet are hurting from other shoes,  I can put my Z-coils on,  and the pain will subside.  Truly comfortable."  Bonnie W.,  Cupertino,  CA

"I am able to walk much better."  Carol P.,  San Jose,  CA

"No more back and foot pain.  I can now walk and work out again.  Thank you."  Kathy W.,  Pleasanton,  CA

"Much less pain in my feet,  knees, back,  and hips."  Jed H.,  Oakley,  CA

"The shoes relieved knee pain. I can now do moderate walks for 30 minutes everyday, Thank you!"  Poornima P.,  Fremont, CA.

"No more sore feet after continuous walking."  Sweetheart H., Hayward, CA.

"Continued comfort and quality I've come to expect."  Mike & Denise B., San Jose, CA.

"No more back pain and leg pain."  Mary U., Gilroy, CA.

"Since we have bought our shoes we don't have have pain in our lower backs, and our heels don't hurt after shopping. We are very happy for these shoes!"  Angel D., Sunnyvale, CA.

"I am not having my usual pain in my back and legs."  Richard M.,  San Jose,  CA

"When I cook my back doesn't hurt shoes are a bit heavy but very beneficial for when I walk."  Barbara S., Santa Cruz, CA.

"I have less back pain and more energy!"  Kathy R., Santa Clara, CA.

"I have ankylosing Spondylitis which is a very painful bone disease, Your shoes have really helped reduce my pain, Thank You!"  Karen B., Brentwood, CA.

"Relief of lower foot muscle pain."  Belinda B.,  Fremont, CA.

"Can walk longer than helpful!"  Angela S., Milpitas, CA.

"Less pain on my heels after walking."  Phuong L., San Jose, CA.

"Increased comfort to my back."  Arthur S., San Jose, CA.

"Much increased ability to walk for longer periods. I'm able to wear Z-coils without orthotics and have no heel pain and much reduced knee pain."  Dawn E.,  Alameda, CA

"I am a walking advertisement for Z-coil! I have recommended Z-coil shoes to lots of people."  Kyle G.,  San Jose, CA

"My legs are not as sore and heavy after a days work."  Gary L.,  Pleasanton,  CA

"These shoes provide a much easier and cushioned step while working."  Dee L.,  Palo Alto,  CA

"There is significantly less stress and pain in my back and legs when I walk on hard surfaces."  Donald B.,  Sunnyvale,  CA

"Decreased foot discomfort,  and no more aching legs."  Marie M.,  Newark,  CA

"These have reduced the pain in my lumbar area."  Diane K.,  Monte Sereno,  CA

"I am now able to walk further."  Meredith B.,  San Jose,  CA

"My leg joints do not hurt after a long day on my feet."  Mark S.,  San Jose,  CA

"These shoes have eliminated my back pain after I square dance."  Norman J.,  San Jose,  CA

"I have been able to run again, after I had given up hope of doing so."  John C.,  San Jose,  CA

"Lower knee pain and less leg fatigue."  Travis S.,  Santa Cruz,  CA

" The coil was to heavy so my legs get tired. I came and had the coil changed to a lighter one. It seems better now."  Corazon V.,  Antelope,  CA

"I can walk now and have less pain."  Judith L.,  Bolinas,  CA

"My joints feel better."  Max M.,  San Jose,  CA

"Less back pain."  Sharon C.,  San Jose,  CA

"I have a difference in leg length,  the team at the store adjusted the shoes for that,  and now my pain is gone."  Ken M.,  Los Gatos,  CA

"My Z-Coils relieve my back pain and heel pain.  These are especially good for people who stand or walk a lot at work."  Rebecca L.,  San Ramon,  CA

"I am having less fatigue and I also stand and walk taller.  No more sore feet or lower back!"  Florence F.,  Yucaipa,  CA

"I am now able to walk further without fatigue and pain.  The shoes are very stable and help prevent falls."  Julie K.,  San Jose,  CA

"My feet do not hurt anymore.  I can walk.  I come home from work and still have the energy to walk for exercise."  Juana G.,  San Jose,  CA

"I was having severe sciatica.  After $500.00 at the 'quackopractor';  I tried Z-Coils,  and after 6 weeks, I have no more pain.  UNBELIEVABLE!!"  Larry V.,  San Jose,  CA

"I can walk for a long time without feeling too much pain in my feet."  Florence L.,  San Ramon,  CA

"I enjoy my daily walk of 3 miles,  and I do not feel cramps in my legs like I used to when sleeping at night."  George T.,  San Jose,  CA

"Much less hip and knee soreness."  Bill B.,  Redwood City,  CA

"I am having no more arthritis pain in my knees."  Susan L.,  Moreland Hills,  OH

"I am receiving relief of pain in the knees."  Minoru I.,  Mountain View,  CA

"My feet no longer hurt!"  Shasta J.,  Royal Oaks,  CA

"I had not been able to walk more than one block due to lower back pain fro more than a year. I can walk all day long now."  Karen S.,  San Jose, CA.

"I stand tall when I wear these shoes,  and my back and leg do not hurt."  Evelyn H.,  San Jose,  CA

"My Z-coils have reduced the impact and the pain from my back."  Aquilino P.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am having less foot pain."  John C.,  San Jose,  CA

"They are gentle on heels."  Rebecca F., Ventura, CA.

"Much easier to walk."  Phyllis R., Cupertino, CA.

"I am having better posture. Also,  my heel pain is gone!"  Kim H.,  Fremont,  CA

"I can now walk on concrete again!"  Kathleen B.,  San Francisco,  CA

"Less hip pain."  Ken M., Los Gatos, CA.

"Better Balance." Pauline E., Los Altos, CA.

"No more knee pain and I have better posture."  Margaret L., Sunnyvale, CA.

"These are great shoes!"  Georganne N.,  Milpitas,  CA

"Relieves knee and lower back pain."  Minoru I., Mountain View, CA.

"I simply enjoy wearing them when I walk." Karen C.,  Cupertino, CA.

"Great for taking walks!"  Gail S., Elk Grove, CA.

"Reduced the pain from plantar fasciitis. I wear them mostly at home, Regular shoes and coat and tie for casual dress."  Roland R., Sunnyvale, CA.

"All pain is gone!!!  For five years, I have suffered from plantar fasciitis pain.  These shoes are a gift of freedom from pain."  Bob P.,  Palo Alto, CA.

"Great store - Great shoes!!  My feet and legs feel great!!!"  Tom A.,  Campbell,  CA.

"I am receiving relief from Achilles' tendonitis."  Mary R.,  Los Gatos,  CA

"When I am wearing my Z-coils,  I have noticeably less pressure on my knees."  Herman K.,  Los Angeles,  CA

"I have been able to finish my work day,  even if it is 11 hours,  without my feet hurting."  Jane M.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am feeling an improvement in my back pain,  lesser foot fatigue,  and an improvement of my posture."  Michael M.,  San Jose,  CA

"I can walk and do my job.  I am on concrete all day,  and without these shoes,  I have a very hard time working and doing everyday things.  These shoes are a life saver for me."  Raeanna L.,  San Jose,  CA

"Less foot pain.  Also my legs no longer hurt."  Christy K.,  Castro Valley,  CA

"I am having less pain all over,  and am now able to work without fatigue."  Irene J.,  San Jose,  CA

"I have no more pain in my feet."  Jon A.,  Gilroy,  CA

"I have had no flare ups from my plantar fasciitis.  Hooray!!!"  Lou W.,  San Jose,  Ca

"I love my shoes."  Lora B.,  San Jose,  CA

"These shoes take a great deal of walking pressure off the back!"  Ed E.,  Hobe Sound,  FL

"People all ways inquire about my shoes when I am walking.  I feel like I am walking on air."  Roy Y.,  Hercules,  CA

"My hips,  foot,  and heel feel much better."  Karen B.,  Brentwood,  CA

"These shoes have really helped me with my lower back and hip pain."  Melinda T.,  Granbury,  TX

"I can stand all day and still walk correctly at the end of the day."  Ramona S.,  Fremont,  Ca.

"Decreased leg pain after long hours of work."  Jennie C.,  Los Gatos,  Ca.

"Spring coils does benefit my back pain. Shoes are well made!"  Lino C.,  East Palo Alto,  Ca.

"The only shoes I wear Z-coils we gave all our other shoes to the homeless Shelter." Marilynn C.,  San Jose,  Ca.

"I have been able to stand and teach & do some walking which I found to painful before."  Frances J.,  Cupertino,  Ca.

"I take two mile walks and there is less jarring to hips, feels bouncy, also not catching on anything."  Linda K.,  San Jose,  Ca.

"Lower back pain has greatly diminished, foot and ankle pain have diminished as well."  Gordon E.,  Los Gatos,  Ca.

"I have back problems and the shoes really soften the pressure when walking and standing."  Berneice P.,  Mountain View,  Ca.

"I have stronger legs they help me stand straighter and stretch my muscles."  Jackie W.  San Jose.,  Ca.

"I am able to walk on cement floors all day and only have minimal pain.  I was also able to take a trip to Italy,  and do lots of walking.  Thanks Z-coil,  I wouldn't have been able to make it without you."  Denise G.,  Murphy's,  CA

"I have a bad knee from a sports injury,  and I was born with sway back,  so I normally suffer from back pains.  Since wearing my Z-coils,  the back pain is non-existent and my knee feels much better."  Rob M.,  Los Altos,  CA

"Plantar fasciitis is completely healed!!  I have no pain or discomfort as long as a wear my Z-coils."  Martha V.,  San Jose,  CA

"I can walk and stand without pain!  I get on my soap box every chance I have."  Carol L.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am receiving relief of back,  knee,  and foot pain.  I am now able to do my job walking on cement floors all day.  Thank you for all your help and these great shoes!!  Margaret B.,  Watsonville,  CA

"I am now able to walk several miles on any surface.  I love them,  and I will definitely be getting more."  Carol P.,  San Jose,  CA

"My heels get a break!  I intend to expand my collection!"  Penny O.,  San Jose,  CA

"I can now stand and walk longer without pain."  Carl M.,  Morgan Hill,  CA

"I am having significantly less pain in my feet!"  Marcie W.,  Capitola,  CA

"In my Z-coils,  my knees hurt less and I can hike longer.  Also,  I can go to the mall all afternoon without my knees and feet hurting."  Pete S.,  Palo Alto,  CA

"I am now able to shop more (not necessarily a good thing!)."  Carolyn S.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am having less leg cramps at night."  Virginia W.,  San Jose,  CA

"Less hip and lower back pain.  I can walk longer distances."  Eileen S.,  Capitola,  CA

"My feet feel so comfortable in my Z-coil shoes.  Deanna G.,  San Jose,  CA

"These are the only pair of shoes that felt so good that I didn't want to take them off!!"  Elizabeth G.,  Hollister,  CA

"These shoes are so much gentler on my heels."  Heather B.,  San Jose,  Ca

"I have received the benefit of being able to walk and stand without pain!"  Meredith B.,  San Jose,  CA

"These shoes make my bad foot feel so comfortable.  They also make me walk taller (stand up straighter),  instead of leaning forward."  Tim G.,  San Jose,  CA

"My lower back and knee pains have diminished."  Katia R.,  Livermore,  CA

"My back and foot pain is so much less when I wear these shoes.  They really make a difference."  Darlene M.,  Fremont,  CA

"I am having much less impact on my arthritic knees."  Grace G.,  Menlo Park,  CA

"I am experiencing fast healing of my heel spur injury."  Edward S.,  Mountain View,  CA

"These have helped ease my back pain."  Mutsu S.,  San Jose,  CA

"As an ER nurse working long hours,  I am feeling a decrease in pain in my feet and back."  Denise B.,  Felton,  CA

"After walking on concrete all day,  I feel much less stress on my feet and my back.  GREAT PRODUCT!!!"  Ken S.,  Los Banos,  CA

"I am having less pain on my whole right side, including my right foot,  which was a big problem."  Frances K.,  Mountain View,  CA

"I worked night shift (12 hours) before,  and by the end of the shift I felt very tired.  Now when the night is over,  I feel the same as when I started the night.  Thanks so much!"  Graciela J.,  Fremont,  CA

"These shoes are very comfortable to wear all day long.  My heel does not hurt like it used to."  Naomi N.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"My back and leg pain have been eliminated totally."  Teri B.,  Sunnyvale,  CA

"After 3 years of back pain at work,  these shoes have reduced my pain by 90%.  I am thrilled!!"  Suzanne M.,  Burlington,  MA

"I am now having less back pain."  Earl L.,  San Jose,  CA

"My legs do not hurt when I walk like they used to."  Marie R.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"I find it much easier to walk in these shoes."  Myra M.,  San Jose,  CA

"The coils' springy lift helps with the pain in my legs and my heels."  Ora B.,  Morgan Hill,  CA

"My knees and hips seem to be relieved of much of the pain."  Betty M.,  San Jose,  CA

"These are great on my knees and my joints."  Betsy P.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am receiving relief of pain caused by plantar fasciitis and heel spurs."  Deborah P.,  San Jose,  CA

"Helped me with my hips and back!"  Ohanda S.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am now able to stand and work longer as a barber,  without foot and back pain."  Loretta P.,  San Jose,  CA

"These give me great leg comfort while walking and working."  Charlotte D.,  Hollister,  CA

"I'm able to function normally.  Before, my back and leg hurt so much that I couldn't have a normal life."  Louise C.,  San Jose,  CA

"My foot and heel pain have been reduced by 75%.  Also have reduced my lower back pain."  Mona J.,  San Jose,  CA

"My feet and lower back do not hurt at the end of my 8 hour work day.  I am finding that standing on cement all day is not so bad now."  Curt W.,  Santa Cruz,  CA

"My Z-coils have reduced the spasms in my back!!"  Ellen D.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"I am having far less back issues.  Also, it is easier walking up and down ramps.  I can walk farther and happier.  These are the best shoes I've ever owned,  honestly."  Dan C.,  Cupertino,  CA

"I now walk more because my feet do not hurt."  Barbara K.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"With my Z-coils,  I am not nearly as tired as when I wear my other shoes."  Laura O.,  Mountain View,  CA

"I am receiving relief from pain associated with plantar fasciitis."  Christine T.,  San Jose,  CA

"My legs get less fatigued,  and my back pain has improved greatly."  Judith B.,  Campbell,  CA

"I can now stand longer.  They also help my back and knees."  Jo Marie S.,  Aptos,  CA

"When I wear my Z-coils,  my knees do not hurt!"  Lisa C.,  Menlo Park,  CA

"There is a lot less pressure on my back.  Also, my knee joints have no more pain."  Rachel A.,  San Francisco,  CA

"Great product.  Thanks so much!!"  Robert A.,  San Francisco,  CA

"My feet feel much better while working.  Much less pain!"  Kendall C.,  San Leandro,  CA

"I am receiving complete relief from leg pain."  Nadyne B.,  San Jose,  CA

"With a bad lower back,  Z-coils allow me to stand much longer than any other shoes."  Kathi L.,  San Jose,  CA

"My Z-coils have healed my plantar fasciitis and heel pain.  I am so grateful because it was so painful."  Vi C.,  Soquel,  CA

"No more problem with my heel spur.  They are very comfortable."  Gloria B.,  San Jose,  CA

"My Z-coils are easing my foot pain."  Terri R.,  San Jose,  CA

"These shoes and this store are great.  I can walk!"  Jenny A.,  San Jose,  CA

"I have less pain in my feet,  knees,  and hips.  I can now walk and perform my daily work with energy left at the end of the day.  It has been years since I have felt this good!"  Joan M.,  San Jose,  CA

"My hip pain is much improved."  Thomas G.,  Morgan Hill,  CA

"Much less back pain."  Linda W.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am having less stress on my knees!"  Ophelia D.,  Fremont,  CA

"No more back,  hip,  and knee pain!!"  Janilee A.,  San Jose,  CA

"Far less pain in my hip."  Daniel K.,  Fremont,  CA

"These shoes have relieved my back and hip pain."  Richard J.,  Hayward,  CA

"It is amazing.  No more pain in my hip,  leg,  and foot!"  Doris K.,  San Jose,  CA

"You guys did a great job!  Thank you!  My wife now has the freedom to walk and be on her feet all day.  The shoes have also stopped her heel and ankle pain."  Wolfgang H.,  San Jose,  CA

"I have had less pain in my feet."  Anna B.,  Fremont,  CA

"I have never had more fun walking!  Stephen B.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am having less post surgery ankle pain."  Kevin S.,  Hollister,  CA

"I love my Z-coils;  I bought them because they are cool,  different,  and incredibly comfortable!"  Craig H.,  San Carlos,  CA

"I have more energy and less pain."  Caralynn N.,  San Jose,  CA

"I wear my shoes everyday and I LOVE THEM!!!"  Phyllis B.,  San Carlos,  CA

"By far the best thing I have ever done to alleviate hip arthritis pain.  I can walk pain free!"  John B.,  Soquel,  CA

"I can now walk long distances without pain."  Jim B.,  San Jose,  CA

"No more discomfort!  No more pain!  I have told everyone I know about them."  Josimarry D.,  San Jose,  CA

"My Z-coils have allowed me to hike again and maintain my quality of life in the midst of plantar fasciitis pain.  From the minute I tried them on,  I got pain relief.  They have also given me more energy,  as I am on my feet a lot."  Jan S.,  Menlo Park,  CA

"No more foot or lower back pain!"  Robert E.,  San Jose,  CA

"My Z-coils support me while walking.  Also have helped my back and legs."  Kluen A.,  Cupertino,  CA

"Easier standing and walking!"  Jim D.,  Bozeman,  MT

"GREAT SHOES.  They have helped my back, my feet,  my everything!!"  Susan P.,  Redwood City,  CA

"I love power walking long distances without my feet or back hurting! Thanks."  Karen T.,  Hillsborough,  CA

"I now have better posture,  and my feet feel less tired.  I am also apt to walk more."  Barbara E.,  Sunnyvale,  CA

"My husband and I can both stand comfortably all day."  Valerie J.,  Palo Alto,  CA

"My Z-Coils have helped with my lower back pain, and they have also helped my plantar fasciitis."  Josimarry D.,  San Jose, CA

"Relieved my knee and foot fatigue."  Diane E.,  San Jose, CA

"Extreme comfort,  along with the fun factor!!"  Ramon W.,  Sunnyvale,  CA

"I have no more pain in my right foot and left knee!"  Robert E.,  San Jose,  CA

"I feel so much stronger.  I can now walk and run further."  Nancy L.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"I found it much easier to walk on cobblestones on a recent trip."  Yvonne O.,  San Jose,  CA

"Very helpful for running on hard surfaces,  especially downhill."  Bill M.,  San Jose,  CA

"I love them.  I can be on my feet for 12 hours and they do not hurt at the end of the day.  Also,  my lower back is better, and does not hurt as much."  Tiffany C.,  San Jose,  CA

"These shoes have changed my life!!"  Marsha J.,  San Jose,  CA

"Plantar fasciitis is getting better."  Jill V.,  Saratoga,  CA

"I went into the store with lower back pain and after walking with Z-Coils,  my pain stopped!!  They are wonderful!!!"  Mary U.,  Gilroy,  CA

"My plantar fasciitis is cured!"  Elvie P.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"My Z-Coils have made my daily walks painless.  I have peripheral neuropathy,  and these shoes have really helped with that condition."  Jo N.,  Grass Valley,  CA

"No more backaches, sore legs, or tired feet."  Josephine L.,  San Jose,  CA

"I have more energy.  Also have relieved the pain in my back and legs!"  Colleen G.,  San Jose,  CA

"My shoes have reduced the pain of walking on arthritic ankle."  Mark L.,  La Crescenta,  Ca

"I have been recovering from ankle fusion and a 2 year rehab.  These are the first shoes that I can walk straight in and for longer distances."  Kevin S.,  Hollister,  CA

"I have reduced back and foot pain while standing and walking for 12 hour nursing shifts."  Melinda T.,  Granbury,  TX

"Less heel spur pain!!"  Marsha G.,  San Jose, CA

"Less pain in the legs and no more pain in the feet."  Leona S.,  Gilroy,  CA

"I am having less fatigue and sore heels.  I am having no more back pain."  Florence F.,  Yucaipa,  CA

"It feels good to wear.  I feel that I can stand for a longer time wearing it.  These are a great thing to have,  and well worth it!!!"  Michelle B.,  Milpitas,  CA

"I was able to walk around Disneyland for 15 hours!"  Heather M.,  Campbell,  CA

"I have felt improvement in my lower back and left knee area."  James M.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"I am able to walk without pain I was having wearing regular shoes.  I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees, and now I do not feel so confined in my excursions outside my home!  Thanks."  Jean S.,  San Jose,  CA

"My bout with plantar fasciitis is almost over!  Relief was felt within a week and I am about 80-90% plantar fasciitis free!  YAHOO!!  Now for the work out!  I have many friends that want a pair.  This is a winner of a shoe!"  Joanne M.,  Newark,  CA

"I can now walk more than a quarter mile and feel little or no pain!  They have also helped with my neck pain!!  Stacey K.,  Sunnyvale,  CA

"From the first time I wore them, they have been as comfortable as can be.  I wear them traveling all of the time."  Nancy B.,  Mountain View,  CA

"I got my 'cute' walk back instead of the painful, ugly, trudge walk.  I am permanently disabled, but, I now can do most of the activities that I used to do.  Thanks!"  Mia A.,  San Jose, CA

"Increased,  easier walking with no back or knee pain.  Great!!"  Bob T.,  Monterey,  CA

"Walking is now smooth and easy.  No more aches and pains."  Mickey T.,  Monterey,  CA

"If you are experiencing pain,  go for it!!  I lost all of my foot pain!!"  Parvin K.,  San Jose,  CA

"These have really helped with my knee and hip discomfort.  Excellent customer service!  Mary Ann A.,  San Jose,  CA

"I can now walk in comfort (12 miles in my new sandals!).  They have relieved stress on my lower back, and fixed ankle pain I had for years."  Masa G.,  El Sobrante,  CA

"My knees do not hurt anymore,  and walking is easier."  Leslie S.,  San Jose,  CA

"I have reaped many benefits.  My feet do not hurt like before."  Ana E.,  San Jose,  CA

"My feet feel more supported,  and they do not hurt anymore."  Mary D.,  San Jose,  CA

"Outstanding!  My leg muscles are more relaxed,  and I am able to walk faster and farther."  James M.,  San Jose,  CA

"I have plantar fasciitis in one foot,  which was very painful.  Z-coil shoes are a God send for me and have relieved my pain.  I can now walk all day."  Vi C.,  Soquel,  CA

"These shoes have taken stress off of my back."  Joanne B.,  San Jose, CA

"Very comfortable walking shoes."  Myong P.,  Newark,  Ca

"My heel pain has been dramatically reduced."  George P.,  Newark,  CA

"They have truly helped my back to ache less, and it feels like I walk straighter and do not slouch."  Linda W.,  San Jose,  CA

"My Z-coils have given me more relief from my heel spur pain than anything else I have tried in 7 years."  John P.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am experiencing significantly less pain in my feet, hip, and lower back.  Thank you.  Z-coil has saved me from having painful plantar fasciitis release surgery."  Cynthia L.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"Plantar fasciitis pain is totally gone after three months!"  Joanne M.,  Newark,  CA

"These have helped with the arthritis in my knees."  Barbara P.,  San Jose,  CA

"I am benefiting from less back pain and no more ankle pain."  Raye K.,  Watsonville,  CA

"There is less stress on my arthritic right knee.  They have also helped me recover from plantar fasciitis."  Cindy S.,  Los Gatos,  CA

"These shoes help me stand longer without getting tired."  Paul S.,  Hayward,  CA

"My back is feeling better and I no longer have heel pain."  Kay H.,  San Jose,  CA

"My shoes are very comfortable!"  Irene G.,  Castro Valley,  CA

"They have helped with my back and leg pain."  Vera S.,  Fremont,  CA

"Less foot pain!!"  Melinda D.,  San Jose,  CA

"Knee pain gone.  Back pain gone.  Neck pain gone.  There has also been a decrease in tendonitis of shoulders and arms."  Jean M.,  Santa Cruz,  CA

"My sciatica is now almost non existent.  Plantar fasciitis is still there,  but it is vastly improved.  I have the ability to move more."  Susan H.,  Palo Alto,  CA

"I can now endure longer hikes and runs."  Miguel Z.,  Salinas,  CA

"I walk more upright.  I am having less discomfort in my hips and the small of my back."  Dale P.,  San Jose,  CA

"Much less leg fatigue and no sore feet when I wear my Z-coil shoes."  Franell B.,  San Jose, CA.

"These shoes have helped save my tiring feet.  I now have the ability to stand on a 12 hour work day.  They feel much better than my other shoes."  Cham Y.,  San Jose,  CA

"I have benefited from less foot pain and less knee pain.  Plus, I look taller!"  Jiang K.,  Palo Alto, CA

"Z-coils have brought me relief from foot pain."  Debra H.,  San Jose,  CA

"My knees do not hurt as much as they used to."  Robert F.,  Redwood City,  CA

"I can stand longer and walk further."  Frances J.,  Cupertino,  CA

"Z-coils have helped both my back and my feet!"  Jo N.,  Grass Valley,  CA

"I am experiencing less back pain."  Noelle C.,  Santa Clara,  CA

"My back and legs feel better."  Richard H.,  Myrtle Creek,  OR

"I am experiencing less pain on my knees."  Diane C.,  Mountain View,  CA

"Z-coils have relieved the pain in my knees and lower back when I run or take long walks."  Douglas B.,  Orangevale,  CA

"I am now able to walk longer!"  Valerie C.,  San Jose, CA

"RELIEF!  RELIEF!  RELIEF!"  Conrad A.,  Union City,  CA

"Z-coils absorb all the impact of walking.  I can now walk around,  when before,  I could not do much at all.  My stride is also improved.  I have recommended them a lot."  Stacey H.,  Newark,  CA

"I can walk.  That was not an option without my Z-coils."  Jenny A.,  San Jose,  CA

"My feet feel good all day at work during my 12 hour shift."  LeAnn M.,  Tracy,  CA

"I now have little or no foot or back pain.  I am in my shoes 12 to 14 hours a day.  I wish I found Z-coils years ago.  The best footwear for me!!"  Benji S.,  Monterey,  CA

"I am now able to stand and walk on concrete for long periods of time without pain in my back."  Don N.,  Fremont,  CA

"Less turning of my ankle.  Also I have less back pain."  Theresa L.,  Saratoga,  CA

"I wish I had known about these shoes sooner.  I have been able to go on longer walks.  My feet do not hurt like they used to.  I even climbed the hilled streets of San Francisco and climbed stairs where I wouldn't have been able to do it before."  Lori G.,  Redwood City,  CA

"Z-coils are the only shoes I can wear without pain from 7:00am to 11:00pm.  They are wide enough for my foot,  do not inflame my metatarsals,  and are a great conversation piece.  I am often stopped on the street and asked about them."  Kelcey P.,  San Francisco,  CA

"I am an M.A. (medical assistant),  And I am always standing on my feet all day.  I do not feel pain since I found Z-coils."  Hao N.,  Saratoga,  CA

"I no longer have sore feet or tired legs and back.  I do not want to wear any other shoes!"  Maria M.,  Milpitas,  CA

"I was very impressed as a nurse with how great my back,  feet,  and knees felt at the end of my shift.  THANKS!!  I am a true believer now.  I need two more pair!!"  Mia A.,  San Jose,  CA

"My leg and back pain is all but gone!!"  Robert M.,  Hayward, CA 

"I just took a cruise to Alaska and the shoes made walking much better for me.  My legs and back did not hurt at all, and my energy level was much higher.  I love them.  Thank you!"  Marge S.,  San Jose, CA.

"I am experiencing less lower back pain,  and also less pain on my legs and calves.  Very comfortable for me who works standing up for 10 hours straight.  Very comfortable and beneficial!!  I recommended it to my other co-workers."  Rosalie R.,  San Jose,  CA.

"Foot pain has been significantly reduced.  Overall, my body feels better after a long day at work.."  Rosemary H.,  Fremont, CA.

"I am experiencing reduced impact on my knees.  This enables me to walk more with less pain."  Warren Y.,  Cupertino, CA.

"Less pressure on my heel when walking and standing.  I am experiencing about 40% less pain while I am walking.  Z-coil shoes have definitely helped my feet problems."   Patricia A.,  Hayward, CA.

"These are great for taking a walk and stopping heel pains."  Salvatore A.,  San Jose, CA.

"I can walk again!!!"  John L.,  San Jose, CA.

"Less lower back pain!"  William C.,  San Jose, CA.

"We are very happy.  Much less knee pain!  We have recommended your store to other folks.  Hope they come in!!"  Margaret D.,  Menlo Park,  CA.

"I can walk longer distances without any pain."  Bo L.,  Morgan Hill,  CA.

"Relief from lower back discomfort!"  John C.,  San Jose,  CA.

"No more sore feet or lower back."  Sherry S.,  Whittier,  CA.

"My legs and feet are less fatigued at the end of the day."  Janet I.,  Los Gatos,  CA.

"I would not have been able to go to Disneyland with my grandchildren without these shoes!  They have enabled me to get around without continual pain."  Betty C.,  San Leandro,  CA.

"When I wear these shoes, I have no pain!!!"  John T.,  San Ramon,  CA.

"I now have the ability to work long hours comfortably on concrete after several knee and back surgeries." 

"The shoes have helped to relieve some of the pain in my joints."  Marlene S.,  San Jose, CA

"I have less pain in my ankle and lower back."  Ronald J.,  Fremont, CA

"Less tension on my body!"  Phyllis M.,  Hayward, CA.

"My lower back hurts less, and my knees feel better."  Ophelia D.,  Fremont, CA

"Pain relief from plantar fasciitis!!!"  Bernadette S.,  Dublin, CA.

"I now have pain free walking and standing all day!"  Carolyn F.,  San Jose, CA.

"Relieves foot pain completely!!!"  Bette C.,  Mountain View, CA

"No more back pain and I am less tired at the end of the day."  Michael M.,  Oakland, CA.

"Because of my rheumatoid arthritis, I have no cartilage left in my ankles, but because of these shoes, I have been able to put off ankle surgery for another year."  Alicia O.,  San Jose, CA.

"The small of my back feels much better."  Claudia C.,  Gilroy, CA.

"The shoes have seemed to help my arthritis in my knees.  Thanks."  Debra R.,  Los Gatos, CA.

"I am experiencing heel comfort, and less knee pain."  Frances M.,  Hayward, CA.

"My feet don't hurt in these shoes!"  Claudia Z., San Carlos, CA.

"My plantar fasciitis has started to reduce."  Shrenik P.,  Fremont, CA.

"My feet are not as tired and sore at the end of shift."  Bobby D.,  Hayward,  CA.

"Walking is greatly improved!!!"  Roger B.,  San Jose, CA.

"These shoes are comfortable!  They have helped my back and leg pains."  Rosa M.,  San Jose,  CA.

"I could hardly walk when I got to the store, due to plantar fasciitis.  I could walk as soon as I put the shoes on.  After only a month, I am walking a half hour every other day,  with only mild pain."  Glenn C.,  Santa Clara,  CA.

"It helped all of the pains in my back and knee.  It improved my health physically, that is why I have told all of my friends."  Carol F.,  Santa Clara,  CA.

"I am able to stay on my feet for 7 to 12 hours!"  Karen Q.,  San Jose,  CA.

"The shoes have reduced my back pain almost 100%,  and also reduced my heel pain."  Erika T.,  San Jose,  CA.

"I have worn my Z-coils nearly every day since I got them.  My legs and feet always feel great, even after a mile walk.  Also,  standing for a long time is not uncomfortable.  What great shoes!!"  Pat G.,  San Jose,  CA.

"I can stand longer and walk more.  My back feels much better when I wear my Z-coils."  Donna W.,  San Mateo, CA.

"The footwear has relieved all of my foot problems.  I walk faster and with better balance."  Katherine M.,  Modesto, CA.

"I have received comfort.  Z-coils helped me when I first got off of crutches, to feel comfortable to walk."  Laura P.,  Morgan Hill, CA.

"Less tired on my feet!!!"  Irene J., San Jose, CA.

"They have saved my career as an aerobics instructor!!!"  Luciana M.,  Los Gatos, CA.

"I can be on my feet all day.  Great comfort!!"  Annette D.,  Monterey, CA.

"Easy to walk with less pain on my heels."  Alberta M.,  San Jose, CA.

"These shoes have helped me in walking and running."  Curtis U.,  Chowchilla,  CA.

"I have more arch support.  I can now work 40 hours a week on my feet.  I'm not tired.  I love them."  Nancy F.,  Fremont, CA.

"My feet and legs do not hurt anymore.  It's like walking barefoot in my house.  Just awesome!!!  I highly recommend anyone to give Z-Coils a try!!  Thanks Z-Coil!!!"  Wayne B.,  Milpitas, CA.

"Great reduction of back pain."  Lenore C.,  Palo Alto,  CA.

"Relieved my back and heel pain."  Cynthia L.,  San Jose, CA.

"My knee pain is gone.  Awesome!!!  Thank you!"  Helen B.,  Milpitas,  CA

"My feet used to be terribly painful by the end of my shift at Kaiser hospital.  After the very first day, I started to get relief.  After the first week, I was 100% better.  Thanks!!"  William H.,  Santa Clara,  CA.

"Comfort;  No pain at the end of a hard day at work.  Thank you for the great footwear."  Toni R.,  San Jose,  CA.

"No more pain in my back or knees!"  Jennifer K.,  San Jose,  CA.

"Going into the store was like stepping back into a quality shoe store in the 30's, 40's, and 50's.  Great.  My problem is a bad ankle, and no shoe by itself will stop the discomfort, but the Z-Coils have helped.  I can now get around with less pain that I would have with standard shoes."  Edward A.,  Campbell,  CA

"My right knee was injured and felt like a 15, on a 1-10 pain scale.  Now it only feels like a 1.  Now it is manageable and I can walk freely again."  Cristen H.,  Capitola,  CA.

"Decrease in foot, ankle, hip, and back discomfort when standing;  or walking for long periods of time."  Terry G.,  Montrose, CO.

"No more back pain and leg pain."  Pablo I.,  San Jose, CA

"Caesar was very informative, friendly, and concerned about my pain, and need for a solution."  Donald F.,  San Jose, CA.

"I was skeptical when I walked through the door of the store,  but felt immediate relief the minute I put on the shoes and took a step.  The missing pain in my heel is amazing."  David M., San Jose, CA.

"I no longer use my cane due to back and leg pain.  Heel pain is greatly reduced.  I am very pleased."  Roger B.,  San Jose, CA.

"More energy at the end of the day and just simply real comfort."  Tomas C.,  San Jose,  CA.

"The sore heel is gone."  Jackson F.,  Hayward, CA.

"I can walk virtually pain free from my plantar fasciitis.  I'm getting lots of attention from curious strangers."  Jani C.,  Concord, CA.

"It feeling like I am Walking on air!"  Maureen D.,  San Jose, CA.

"I have the ability to run easier, and also have more comfort while working around the garage."  Sean R.,  San Jose, CA.

"I can walk for a longer amount of time.  Less pain in my foot."  Larklyn M.,  Los Gatos, CA.

"Less pain in the foot that has plantar fasciitis."  John S., San Jose, CA.

"Less back pain.  No foot pain, and less shock to my feet and legs."  Ina D.,  Milpitas, CA.

"I can walk and do everything;  without these shoes I would be in a lot of pain.  I work in a warehouse on cement floors.  I am on my feet all day.  These shoes are a lifesaver."  Raeanna L.,  San Jose, CA.

"As a nurse standing on my feet for 12 hours, my feet no longer ache as much."  Kaye H.,  San Jose, CA.

"It saved my career as an aerobics instructor!"  Luciana M.

"Legs, feet, and back have become a lot less of a pain to walk on."  Evangelina O.,  Newark, CA.

"Less leg and lower back pain from working and standing 10-12 hours a day."  Rosemary D.,  San Jose, CA.

"My back feels better.  Thank you Caesar."  Elizabeth Z.,  Cupertino, CA

"No tired feet!" Pedro M., San Jose, CA

"I was suffering from chronic back pain, but once wearing Z coil, I have not had any! The shoes are amazing!" Ted C., Palo Alto, CA

"Reduced foot pain." Binh C., San Jose, CA

"Many more pain free hours to work, shop, sightsee, exercise, dance, etc., etc., etc.!!" Victoria S.,  Rio Vista, CA.

"They are a shock absorber for heavy lifting."  Nancy S., Aptos, CA.

"Lower leg and back pain after working long shifts."  Adina M.,  Belmont, CA.

"I don't use my cane.  I can walk and stand for longer periods of time.  Knee, back, and foot problems (arthritis) have been helped."  Marlene S.,  Alameda, CA.

"I like my Z-Coils.  They feel great on my feet.  My feet do not hurt."  Henry O., San Jose, CA.

"It took many months but my planter fasciitis is now healing & I can walk without intense pain. The shoe itself is very comfortable! Plus-it's a great conversation starter!" Rose M., San Jose, CA

"Ease of walking" Edward K., San Jose, CA

"Feet feel less painful. Shoes feel like walking on the rug." Menjeet H., San Jose, CA

"The comfort of standing for 12 hours. It does help a lot." Zenaida M., Santa Carla, CA

"My feet don't hurt anymore and I can walk back and forth all night with no pain!" Graciela J., Fremont, CA

"I have better balance and my feet do not hurt at the end of my day. I stand on me feet as a cashier all day." Marcia L., San Jose, CA

"Literally, I'm able to walk, teach, exercise, etc. (bone on bone arthritis of the hip) adjustments were made so that the shoes fit me foot width. instep toe box etc, one last foot box fixed after hours and hours of hiking caused a blister (a small one) and now even that won't happen." Frances J., Cupertino, CA

"Less pain in the legs and feet, feels great to walk at work!" Davinder H., San Jose, CA

"Ease of tension on feet and knees, also eliminating fear of long walks or days on my feet." Erica C., Ventura, CA

"I've been having heel problems.  The heel coil cushions my heel."  Judith G., San Jose, CA

"I can walk without pain in my feet.  I can stand with no pain, and for hours. I recently took a cooking class and stood for four hours while wearing the shoes;  my feet were pain free!  Never could have stood for that long without them.  A marvelous product!"  Margaret P., San Jose, CA

"Easier to take my daily two mile walk.  It feels like I am walking on a cloud."  Maureen D.,  San Jose, CA

"These shoes are helping me to cope with plantar fasciitis."  Charles M.,  Pleasanton, CA

"My feet have not hurt from standing as much.  A knee problem has also went away."  Guillermo M.,  San Jose,  CA

"My mother stated that her feet are feeling better.  She really likes them."  Pushpinder K.,  Fremont, CA

"I am sleeping at night for the first time in four years.  I do not need to take any pain medication. I wish I had the shoes before my surgery."  Erela C.,  Redwood City, CA

"Reduced leg fatigue from standing long hours on hard concrete floors and walking around all day shopping.  I have recommended the shoes to others with foot and leg problems."  Sandra Y.,  San Jose, CA

"My back feels much, much better!  Thanks."  Dorothy M.,  Sunnyvale, CA

"Knees feel great and better back,  standing up straighter!"  Lisa M.,  Los Gatos, CA

"Greatly reduced heel pain from the start.  Pain is still decreasing since purchase.  I'm on my feet all day and the z-coil shoes have made my life / job more enjoyable.  I recommend them to anyone that asks about them.  Thank you."  Javier C.,  San Jose, CA

"Helping my back.  Also strengthening thighs and knees.  Martha G., Campbell, CA

"I no longer turn my ankle and my knee which hurt a 15 on a 1- 10 scale.  Now it only hurts a 1!  I am thrilled with my z-coils!"  Christen H.,  Capitola, CA

"I have better posture and less pressure on my spine.  Also lost the feeling of being on cement.  The rocking motion ease pain on discs."  Elayne A.,  San Jose, CA

"I walk without pain.  Do not wear my orthotics now."  Joan K., San Jose, CA

"I have better posture, and better muscle use (can feel muscles used in legs; instead of soreness in my feet)."  Mary R.,  Livermore, CA

"Lots less pain with walking.  I can be on my feet without my back tiring so quickly.  My husband wears them to work and tires less."  Ginny A.,  Hayward, CA.

"I'm really happy!  Increase advertising; Then we would all have happy feet!  Reduced pain in Achilles tendon.  More energy."  Harriet F.,  Oakland, CA

"Less ankle pain.  Can walk farther."  John M.,  Watsonville, CA

"Much less pain from plantar fasciitis and heel spur.  I'm going to get another pair."  Shirlee C.,  Fremont, CA

"No more leg and back pain.  My feet are in better shape at the end of the day."  Courtney N.,  Santa Clara, CA

"Less stress on hips, knees, and ankles."  Mary B.,  San Jose, CA

"Less back pain."  Tana H.,  Redwood Estates, CA

"Hopefully it will help my ankle pain."  Larry H.,  Mount Vernon, IL.

"As I strengthen,  pains are diminishing, which is good." Sharon O., Fremont, CA

"Back pain is lesser quite a bit while wearing them."  Bety S., Fremont, CA

"Feet don't hurt.  Walking or standing!"  Cynthia C.,  Portola Valley,  CA

"My plantar fasciitis is cured!"  Diane A.,  San Jose,  CA

"Reduced pain in my feet."  Billy M.,  San Jose, CA

"Reduced the pain in my feet from plantar fasciitis and tendon problems."  Karen M.,  San Jose, CA

"No more calf aches and back problems."  Herman G.,  San Jose, CA

"Less heel pain.  Ability to go on more walks( which I could not do because of severe heel pain.  Thank you."  Linda N.,  Palo Alto,  CA

"I'm very happy with my Z-Coils.  Legs,  back,  and feet no longer hurt.  Also,  I'm not as tired when I go walking.  I feel like I'm wearing slippers.  Plus my posture is much better.  Thank you."  Geraldine G.,  Union City,  CA

"Easier on my joints!"  Annette H.,  San Jose,  CA

"Less heel pain,  less leg pain after 8-12 hour RN shift!  Less arch/ instep pain while working.  Thank you so much for your time making sure my shoes fit well!"  Kristy H.,  San Carlos, CA

"Less leg strain and tired legs while working on my feet all day!"  Kristal A.,  San Jose, CA

"Comfort, comfort, comfort.  Happy feet!"  San Jose, CA

"I had a very positive experience! I have less hip pain while walking." Kaye S.,  San Jose, CA

"My feet and legs don't ache. I have more energy at the end of my 8 hour work days." Sharon M,. San Jose CA

"I can walk further on my feet. My heels don't hurt anymore."  Lottie G,.  Fremont, CA

"Easing of pain in joints."  Marian A,.  San Jose, CA

"They save me from having so much foot pain."  Regina C,.  Modesto CA

"Ability to endure longer standing and working, and walking. Thanks."  Helen F,.  Mountain View, CA

" Far less pain in back when walking."  Betty H,.  San Jose, CA

" Spending the extra money has gotten me out walking much more. The shoes are very comfortable."  Sandy S,. San Jose, CA

" I like it. it removes much pressure in the heels. I work 8 AM to 5 PM. They have made my day better.  They will prevent me from developing arthritis in the future."  Jun R,.  Sunnyvale, CA

" I really love the sandals."  Ann B,.  San Jose, CA

" My back has gradually loosened up, with extended wear. I still have a ways to go before being pain free, but the shoes have replaced my regular chiropractic visits."  Clair M,. San Jose, CA

" More energy when walking." Susan I,. Los Gatos, CA

" My feet feel much better."  Jarad S,. Livermore, CA

" With stubborn plantar fasciitis and a sore heel, I can walk much more comfortably in my z-coils than regular athletic shoes, with a painful heel that won't get better, I am trying physical therapy. Let me know if you have any sales in the hiking style shoe."  Janet S,. Salinas, CA

" Can run without back pain." Curtis F,. Menlo Park, CA

" Helps greatly to relieve plantar fasciitis, foot pain when I'm walking." Patty S,. San Jose, CA

" I went on my first trip to Europe, I was able to go on my walking tours, and walk on my own.  I'm short. The additional height from the shoes prevents the circulation in my legs from being cut off by the edge of the chair.  I can sit farther away from my steering wheel of my car." Ruth L, Hayward, CA

" No back pain, can walk for miles. I told everyone about them, and they want to try my shoes on!" Nancy B,.  Dunedin, FL 

"No more pain!! Thank you!" Hermalinda B., Santa Clara, CA.

"I have been able to continue walking without having a knee replacement." Pat S., Sunnyvale, CA.

"I bought these shoes to solve heel pain problems, while standing on concrete all day. Happy to say that the shoes help my ankles, knees, and back as well." Mike C., San Jose, CA.

"Less ankle pain; can stand longer" Cheryl S., San Jose, CA. 

"Feet less tired. Lots of comments!" John C., Hillsborough, CA.

"No heel pain. Less pain,  heel spur or plantar fasciitis. Thank You!" John S., Los Gatos, CA. 

"I am not as tired after hiking. My feet don't hurt." Terry L., San Jose, CA.

"No more pain from the heel spur! I can walk for miles". Lauri H., Watsonville, CA.

"I am very pleased with my shoes and pass out cards whenever there is an interest". Mary Ann A., San Jose, CA.

"1. It has helped correct the way I walk. 2. I can walk a mile in 20 minutes without pain in my knees or back. 3. (It) gives good support or my 'flat feet' and weak ankles." Charlotte L., San Jose, CA.

"Has helped me with the pain I had with my knees and helped with the impact". Sedi F., Sunnyvale, CA.

"Somewhat more comfort". Eugene F., San Jose, CA.

"Preventative care. I work standing and I have noticed I do not feel as tired. I love my shoes". Melanie G., Sand City, CA.

"Makes me stand straight. Less pain". David P., San Jose, CA.

"Less back pain. Additional height. Lots of attention in public". Sandra A., San Jose. CA

"Liked this last pair even better, got them in brown. Helped knees". Alice S., San Ramon.

"Plantar fasciitis in remission". Mary G., Stanford, CA.

"Back and legs much better". Cecil S., Salinas, CA.

"Less lower back pain". Valerie M., San Jose, CA.

"My back and knees and hips don't seem to ache as much". Rosemary R., Morgan Hill, CA.

"Comfort and attention". Angela B., Oakland, CA.

"It has helped my heel spurs and I have a torn ligament". Alfonso C., San Juan Bautista, CA. 

"Knees feel better when wearing these shoes". Judith L., San Jose, CA.

"More comfort. Plenty of curious onlookers with questions about the shoes". Fernando R., San Jose, CA.

"Less lower back pain". Valerie M., San Jose, CA.

"My plantar fasciitis is going away. No more knee pain." George D., San Jose, CA.

"Plantar fasciitis is improved when I have to stand for a long time! Thanks for a great shoe!" Jennifer B., Poquoson, VA.

"Knee is much better. Back is improving-also ankle". Agnes B., Santa Cruz, CA.

"No back pains". Jo Lene S., Los Gatos, CA.

"Had balance problems. (thanks to Z-CoiL) I can walk without tripping". Benita W., Los Gatos, CA.

"My leg and back pain has been drastically decreased since I started using the Z-CoiL shoes. I'm not as tired when I get home after a long day on my feet in the Operating Room. I actually have energy to keep going-I Love Z-CoiLs!" Lisa, S., San Jose, CA.

"Has helped with (my) right knee and foot problem (a fallen arch). My cane now stays in the trunk of the car, whereas it was in constant use for the last 5 years prior to the Z-CoiLs". Marlene S., Alameda, CA.

"Totally satisfied". Hilda R., San Jose, CA.

"No more leg/back pain after prolonged standing...love my Z-CoiL shoes!" Brenda C., Santa Clara, CA.

"Less heel pain". Sara S., San Jose, CA. 

"It feels good when I walk now". David N., San Jose, CA.

"Partial knee replacement-left knee and right knee are bone on bone. Needed surgery. Z-CoiL shoes helps knees to be less painful. They are very comfortable". Emma R., Paradise, CA.

"Moving now, Support + Comfort is wonderful". Diane A., Half Moon Bay, CA.

"I can run three to four days a week with no residual pain in my leg muscles and joints. Before, my leg muscles and joints would hurt during and after my running workouts. All my running routines are on streets". Joe P., Sunnyvale, CA.

"No back pain, less knee pain". Arthur A., San Jose, CA.

"Back pain and hip pain gone". Carol L., San Jose, CA.

"I have a much faster time walking." Frances K., Mountain View, CA.

"I love them! They make the hours spent on my feet fly by!" Marilynn F., Watsonville, CA. 

"Protection for my feet. Relief of pain in feet." Dawn M., San Mateo, CA.

"No more back pain from standing for long periods, no sore feet. These shoes have helped so much." Yolanda L., San Jose, CA.

"No pain in back or knees. No meds taken since I have been wearing your shoes. I was taking meds for my back for close to 30 years". Joan H., Santa Clara, CA.

"I can work more". Shuzanna A., Campbell, CA.

"I bought the Mary Jane black strap. Nicer looking for dancing." Linda B., San Jose, CA.

"Lower back pain relieved by 80%. I can go for hours without back pain. I highly recommend Z-CoiLs." Lien P., San Jose, CA.

"Less pain in legs and feet." Susan E., Redwood, CA.

"Less back pain. Can stand much longer." Ralph P., Brentwood, CA.

"Received compliments from different departments at Valley Medical Center-and have referred 4 staff persons so far." Leonie R., San Jose, CA.

"More comfort walking through stores and going to church." Deanne B., Foster City, CA.

"Much relief from back pain while wearing the shoes. But pain returns when I take the shoes off." Betty H., San Jose, CA.

"My legs + back don't hurt like they used to. I'm not as tired at the end of a 12 hour shift." Michelle M., Oakdale, CA.

"He stayed even when it was time to close and people were still coming in, he helped us all with a smile". Isabelle P., Salinas, CA.

"My legs no longer hurt/sore...and I get noticed by others because of my Z-CoiL shoes..." Mary Ann C., San Jose, Ca.

"Heel of my foot isn't as tender". Jocelyn F., San Jose, CA.

"Relief of knee and back pain". Robert W., San Jose, Ca.

"Foot pain has been gone." Marylin C., Hayward, Ca.

"Increased efficiency, less stress on feet & knees." Chad A., Sunnyvale, Ca.

"My feet would hurt so bad that I couldn't work. Now, with Z-CoiLs, I have no pain, and I can work as many hours as I want. I was even able to move my household by myself to Sacramento." Elizabeth O., Sacramento, CA.

"I walk more normal-better balance. I can walk faster, they have improved my knees to make life a little easier." Sue M., East Greenwich, RI.

"I can walk without a cast, soft or hard". Irene P., San Jose, CA.

"It does seem to put less pressure on my knees-they don't hurt as much. I have not been walking due to P.T.'s advice. I'll see if there is more difference when I'm on my feet more." Linda E., Santa Clara, CA.

"I just love my Z-CoiLs. (It) helps my knees and I  don't get tired when on my feet all day. I have given your cards to many people who have seen me wearing an asks about my Z-CoiLs". Roberta I., Salinas, CA.

"Excellent customer service. Changed problem zipper for me with no difficulties." Gary P., San Carlos, CA. 

"Legs don't hurt after walking. Shoes absorb shock." Larry A., San Jose, CA.

"More zip at end of day. Pain relief on back and legs." Barry P., Seattle, WA.

"Better posture, reduced back pain. As I told you: 'if I could sleep standing up-I'd never take off my Z-CoiLs'." Chris B., Santa Clara, CA.

"I can actually walk without pain!" Sandy G., Los Gatos, CA.

"Comfort." Aurora R., Hayward, Ca.

"Better posture". Margaret W., Sa Jose, CA.

"After not being able to walk the track (my favorite form of exercise) for more than 4 years, I was able to resume the activity." Esther A., Sunnyvale, CA.

"Out of wheelchair + walking again, stress fractures healed, reduced pressure on back and knees, more lively gait." Jay and Carol K., Nipomo, CA.

"History of 30 years back pain-Nurse. Back pain only when not wearing Z-CoiLs, knee pain for 2 years-gone! Foot pain almost gone only have when not wearing my Z-CoiLs. Thank you very much for your help!" Margaret B., Watsonville, CA.

"When walking, they give me the satisfaction I've been looking for to almost rid of the impact from that of regular brand athletic shoes." Cynthia B., San Jose, CA.

"Makes my back + hips feel much better. Relieves any pressure." Sharon K., San Jose, CA.

"Back is feeling better. Great staff-friendly-are glad to adjust shoes no problem." Rosalinda C., San Jose, CA. 

"I am able to go unlimited distance walking my dog and at the mall-with no foot pain." Kristen W., San Jose, CA.

"Was on back pain medicine for 11 years. Now (I have) been off pain medicine 3months, due to Z-CoiLs." David G., Salinas, CA. 

"Heel pain (is) better." Alice S., San Ramon, CA.

"Have energy at days end. Legs don't hurt anymore." Iris M., Santa Cruz, CA.

"Feet and back feel so much better." Lorraine C., Livermore, CA.

"Helps me to work, I like (that) they make me taller." Paulette H., Santa Cruz, CA.

"Able to work assigned shifts without pain the following day; able to take long walks again for daily exercise-without fears of pain if I want to walk!" Kirstie A., San Jose, CA.

"Relieves back pain, my heels don't hurt as much...recommended some of my friends and I know of one that has bought them." Janet R., Hayward, CA.

"I purchased tennis shoes for walks with my wife-Los Gatos creek trail, etc-and for errands around town. The shoes relieve a couple of foot pains I notice when I wear other shoes at work during the day." Dan C., San Jose, CA.

"Knees hurt less." Patricia V. Palo Alto, CA.

"No knee or back pain when exercising on treadmill." Judith M., San Jose, CA.

"More stable on feet. Back, knees and feet don't bother me. A lot less pain." Vicky D., Anderson, CA.

"Better, longer walks. Posture, foot pain gone, better knees, hips, back." Joan M. & Paula L., Fremont, CA.

"No knee pain, back pain greatly reduced. I wear my Z-CoiLs all the time". Joan H., Santa Clara, Ca.

"I can stand longer in one place and my heels don't bother me as much". Constance B., Saratoga, Ca.

"Back pain relief". David H., Los Gatos, Ca.

"I can stand and walk all day without my legs, knees, and feet becoming tired-or hurting". Judy K., Gilroy, Ca.

"I can walk 6 miles and not be nearly as tired as before".  Bonnie F., San Jose, Ca.

"Glad we found you! We've enjoyed telling and showing the shoes and bringing new customer". Audrey H., Los Gatos, CA. 

"Nice shoes. Have reduced my back pain. Have advised others about your shoes". Susan P., Redwood City, Ca.

"Relief of back pain, hip + knee pain. I have scoliosis + transitional vertebrae (as well as) congenital defects and have always had back pain. After Z-CoiLs no more back pain! Thank you so much for helping me!" Margaret B., Watsonville, Ca. 

"I don't have back pain anymore". Eden H., San Jose, CA.

"No knee pain, especially when (going) up and down stairs. No more back pain. Nor more tired legs at the end of the day. I am a rheumatology/orthopedic nurse and my words count. I will send you my patients". Barbara M., Menlo Park, CA. 

"(Z-Coils) have allowed me to walk for exercise. Going uphill is a breeze for sore metatarsals and arthritic knees". Mary Ann O., Watsonville, CA.

"My aches and pains are slowly dissipating and the shoes are a conversation piece". Gail D., Redwood City, CA.

"Great for hiking". Dr. Don M., Martinez, CA.

"I love my shoes! I have let everyone try them on! Its a good thing you don't sell underwear!" Jan P., Pleasanton, CA.

"Perfect. The shoe sales man was very kind, patient + knowledgeable! Can now walk better". Barbara E., Sunnyvale, CA.

"Easy on feet-less pain". Veronica F., New York, NY.

"Fixed my back problem". Michael M., Oakland, CA.

"My backache and muscle pains are gone when I started using my (Z-CoiL) shoes. Getting up from bed and for the whole day". Rosa M., San Jose, CA.

"Relieves foot ache". Evelyn M., Gilroy, CA.

"No pain in feet of back". Helen E., Westchester, Il. 

"Less stress on arch of foot, & knees". Sue A., Sunnyvale, CA.

"Lots of Attention -  special fit". Pat S., Sunnyvale, CA.

"Relieved pain in right knee and reduced pain in ankles". Verne L., San Jose, CA.

"No heel pains and I walk with a little more bounce in my step! Also, I don't think I am as tired being on my feet with these shoes!" Carmen, D., San Jose, CA.

"Easier walking, better exercise or my ankles and leg muscles in general. Can highly recommend them.". Brigitte T., San Jose, CA.

"Comfort when walking". Lucille S., Sunnyvale, CA.

"Super comfortable-I wear them all the time". Sue Ann K., San Jose, CA.

"I find my feet + knees don't hurt as much. I'm improving more each week". Sharon P., San Jose, CA

"Sciatica is very much improved. thanks for everything". Mary K., Los Altos, CA. 

"I am beginning to have more heel pain, but I have less pain in walking when I wear the Z-CoiLs. I love mine". William W., San Jose, CA.

"I can stand forever without pain". Susan D., Santa Clara, CA.

"Better posture-Achilles tendon pain gone-leg pain lessened". Caralynn N., Fremont, CA.

"Joints don't hurt when/after walking". Mary A., Sunnyvale, CA.

"Able to walk better and longer periods than before. Back doesn't hurt as much. Helps my posture when walking". Douglas D., San Jose, CA. 

"Relief of knee pain & lower back pain. Also starting to see relief of pain from plantar inflammation". George D., San Jose, CA.

"My feet don't hurt at the end of day". Penny N., Sunnyvale, CA. 

"Able to jog where couldn't before due to knee problems! Thanks!" Kerry L., San Jose, CA.

"Everything, my back & knees feel so much better". Anjanette B., Salinas, CA.

"Much less knee pain during and after my long runs". John C., Salinas, CA. 

"I can go walking once again! 4 times the distance I previously could on the first day out!" Ronnie S., Hollister, CA. 

"Less knee pain". Edward H., Soquel, CA.  

"Best shoe I've purchased for my line of work! Stand on my feet 10-11 hours a day". Burt G., Hayward, CA.

"Ease on knees hips and back". Rene M., Campbell, CA. 

"More comfort in walking long distances. More confidence in my knee ability". Jeanell W., Santa Cruz, CA.

"My plantar fasciitis feels 80% better and that's with wearing the shoes only 2 to 4 times a week". Heinz S., San Carlos, CA.

"Two podiatrists said I would have major surgery on my right foot and have pain for a year. I could not walk a step without pain. After 3 days I was pain free!" Sam H., San Jose, CA. 

"They definitely help-my plantar fasciitis is slowly healing-or rather, my feet are. Excellent product". Mary G., Stanford, CA.

"I worked my first trade show with no back pain after wearing these shoes. My back usually hurts during these shows. Not with the shoes. Big conversation piece as well. Considering another pair-different style-hiking". Robert, B., Menlo Park, CA.

"My knees and hips have never felt better after 12 hours in the emergency department". Tracy K., San Jose, CA.

"Feet aren't hurt when wearing the shoe". Pat H., Monte Serreno, CA.

"Relief from heel, lower back and knee pain". Nancy S., Gilroy, CA. 

"They are reducing the stress of being on my feet all day long". Norma R., San Jose, CA.

"I had left foot plantar fasciitis for at least a year, with minimal improvement from posture and custom orthotics. Within one day of wearing the Z-Coil shoes, the pain was nearly gone while the shoes were on. Now, two months later, I can sometimes wear other shoes comfortably and am always glad to put the Z-Coil shoes back on again. As a Physical therapist, I recommend theses shoes to many people. I believe my knee arthritis pain has also been lessened". Paula P., San Jose, CA. 

"Really helped while rehabilitating my back. Before Z-Coils, I literally had to crawl up steps of my home, now I wear then while I hike!". Dan and Pam S., Pacific Grove, CA. 

"Immediate relief from pain and clicking of knee-I can walk/jog freely while wearing Z-Coils (I have) arthritis and fusion of the low spine-constant pain and stiffness. With the Z-Coils, the back feels straighter and moves more easily". Kris B., San Jose, CA.  

"Less foot pain". Sheryl P., Redwood City, CA

"No more pain in arch". Sean S., Castro Valley, CA.

"My husband has greatly improved his walking, with 2 hip replacements... they helped my back". Truman S., Ceres, CA.

"Comfort + back support". Regina C., Oakland, CA.

"I have suffered or over 8 years due to a riding accident which damaged my back. I went to EZ Shoes as my doctor recommended them for major heel pain. From the time I put them on I am not only free of pain in my heel, but pain free in my back also". Kristine G., Los Altos, CA.

"Comfort-easy on knees-some back comfort". Frank M., Newark, CA.

"Could not move around without my Z-Coils". Jerome G., St. George, UT.

"Heel (plantar fasciitis) is better". Shelia W., San Jose, CA. 

"My heel pain is almost gone. the pain has been with me for the past 10 years". Jennifer R., Santa Clara, CA.

"I can finally walk and enjoy my life...feet feel great in these shoes". Donna V., Los Gatos, CA.

"My feet feel much better". Juanita L., Hayward, CA.

"Very comfortable". Rodney B., San Jose, CA.

"I was having problems and pains with my feet and hips. EZ Shoes gave me instant relief, I can walk 5 miles- no problem"! Anitra M., San Jose, CA. 

"No more foot pain"!! David Y., San Jose, CA.

"Feet aren't hurt when wearing the shoes". Pat H., Monte Sereno, CA. 

"Relief from heel, lower back + knee pain". Nancy S., Gilroy, CA. 

"They are reducing the stress of being on my feet all day". Norma R., San Jose, CA. 

"I can finally walk and enjoy my life. Feet feel great in these shoes. I am constantly telling people about them as well, as your place of business so they will know where to go to purchase them. Like I told Alex (in your store) you have a customer for life! Thanks again". Donna V., Los Gatos, CA.

"Freedom of foot and knee pain. Good on the back too". Helen E., Westchester, Il.

"There is less pain and swelling in my surgically repaired right ankle". Rachel A., San Jose, CA. 

"Very cushioned shoe". Susan K., Fremont, CA. 

"Pain that I had for years, although minor, goes away when I use the Z-Coil shoes". Richard P., Santa Clara, CA.

"They're comfortable". Carol C., San Jose, CA.  

"Improved carriage + balance". Ron D., Irvine, CA. 

"My feet are comfortable all day long-not sore or tired. I am wearing work boots (Z-Coil) 12 hrs a day, 5 days a week". R. T. Santa Clara, CA. 

"I just love my Z-Coil's. Have recommended to people". Roberta I., Salinas, CA.

"Able to walk a little better". Uri R., San Jose, CA.

"I feel comfy most of the day. My feet don't burn like they used to!". David V., Cupertino, CA. 

"No more back pain. Better posture". Donna M., San Jose, CA. 

"I believe they reduce shock". Kathleen T., Oakdale, CA.  

"Back pain eliminated". Bryce G., Corralitos, CA.

"Comfort in running especially on concrete". Maria V., Palo Alto, CA. 

"Finally, my plantar fasciitis doesn't bother me at all. I had chronic heel pain for 10 years. I went to Dance in this years Xmas party, which I enjoyed very much. I could not walk, dance for the past 4-5 years. This is great". Jennifer R., San Carlos, CA. 

"Comfortable walking hours on end". Masa G., El Sobrante, CA. 

"Less knee pain, less back pain". Michael M., Pleasant Hill, CA.

"They have helped my knees when I have to walk a lot". Malcolm C., Alta, CA.  

"Makes my legs feel so much better". Clara F., Templeton, CA.

"The cushioning of my sore feet has enabled me to keep up with my business travel schedule-without continuing to damage my feet". Mary S., Livermore, CA.

"No new knee pain". Tom S., Mesa, AZ.

"I can use my whole foot walking. They are the only shoes I wear now". Audrey S., Sunnyvale, CA. 

"My back and legs no longer ache after a 12 hour shift. My legs used to really burn after work. Now it is much better". Mary D., Menlo Park, CA. 

"I can walk further before my back starts to hurt". Darlene S., Campbell, CA.

"I stand and walk a lot but now, using this shoe, my feet & legs don't get tired". Evelia A., Fremont, CA. 

"Less fatigue, Less back pain, Less myalgia, less restless legs". Beth T., Palo Alto, CA. 

"Less foot pain! Hallelujah!". Jessica G., Santa Cruz, CA.

"Can walk on hard surfaces without foot pain". Lynne L., Sacramento, CA. 

"No low back pain after standing all day". Margaret B., San Jose, CA.

"Decreased right hip pain". Victoria F., Sammamish, WA.

"Back pain has improved". D & P T., Oakley CA., 

"Keeps back pain away. No jarring to the body when walking on hard surfaces". Donna B., Key West, FL.

"I can walk for longer periods of time and I am not limping as much". Margaret B., San Jose, CA.

"Less back and knee pain. Better posture". Steve., Hollister, CA.

"Reduced my knee pain...able to walk longer". Jill H., Campbell, CA.

"Bought two pair, plan to buy two more". Heide H., Campbell, CA.

"Relieved knee pain". Dianna C., San Jose, CA.

"Less tired when working on feet all day". Lien L., Union City, CA.

"I am on my feet a lot so they help my feet and legs". Christine H., Wenatchee, WA.

"My feet don't hurt after working all day". Iris M., Santa Cruz, CA.  

"Can walk, stand, hike, dance, with minimal pain". Marilynn C., San Jose, CA.

"My feet aren't as tired at the end of a workday". George C., San Jose, CA.

"Less impact on legs. Helps with posture and body alignment". Douglas D., San Jose, CA.

"No more arch pains". Sean S., Castro Valley, CA. 

"Less knee pain". Darrel K.,

"I tore my ligaments so I had to wear a brace and need stable shoes". Linda F., Carmel, CA.

"Walking had been easy been easy on my knee and back. Do not feel tired easily". Abiemwesnse A., San Jose, CA. 

"Hammer toes feel much better. Back of my foot doesn't hurt like it used to". Kathy H., San Jose, CA.

"Much less foot pain". Julie R., Keaau, HI.

"Speaking of Disneyland, we certainly gave our Z-Coils a good test and work out over the 3 full days we spent there in the theme parks.  In the past we usually were pretty worn out and dragging our heels by the end of the first day. Then on the morning of the second day our feet would protest as we subjected them to more walking.  But I must say that both my wife and I marveled at how relaxed our feet were after 12 hours of repeated walking throughout our first day at the parks. 

Since my doctors diagnosis of having plantar fasciitis, a trip with so much walking would prove to be a very painful experience even with the first day.  It prompted me to look for relief from a foot specialist who gave me painful injections into my heels and only gave me temporary relief.  But since using my Z-Coils I no longer see the foot specialist and walk a much more pain free life. 

With this trip I had absolutely no pain.  When I got up the morning of my second day of vacation, my first steps after getting out of bed were pain free.  This was not the case in the past before buying my first pair of Z-Coils.  I had no pain or fatigue what so ever this trip because of my Z-Coil Men’s Sandals which I used primarily during this trip.", Mike and Denise B., San Jose, CA.

"Plantar Fasciitis is slowly resolving.  I am able to walk 3-4 hours without pain now.", Sharon P., Sunnyvale, CA.

"Stand straighter, no more leg ache, not so tired at the end of a long day on my feet.  Thank you!", Priscilla S., Belmont, CA.

"Much easier to walk on, stand on". R. C. Millbrae, CA. 

"Have made over 100 copies of (the literature on) the shoes for patients...thanks". Nancy B., Portola Valley, CA.

"Has been very helpful with back & hip pain". Doris G., Fremont, CA. 

"Better stability and balance". Wendal R., San Jose, CA. 

"Less back problems". Maurine G., San Jose, CA.

"Heel pain lessened". Yvette M., Santa Clara, CA.

"My back does not hurt as much as before. No more corns in my feet. I am comfortable all day long". Ana E., San Jose, CA.

"Better posture. I work in a warehouse, standing on concrete all day long. My back pain stopped plus I have more energy!" Suzanne P. Fremont, CA.

"Has helped my knees-Less pain,  more stability". Kathleen M., Oakland, CA.

"Can stand and hike longer time than before receiving my Z-CoiL's".  Lois W., San Jose, CA.

"Better balance; easier on knees". Joann C., Santa Clara, CA.

"No back pain,  Able to walk with ease". Lynn B., Santa Cruz, CA.

"My back pain, feet pain, and leg pain now diminishing". Liwanag A. Oakland, CA. 

"Less calf fatigue when working". Cynthia J., San Jose, CA. 

"Has given back relief and leg relief, can walk without pain". San Jose, CA.

"My knees have healed up. I love my shoes". Nancy S., Aptos, CA.

"Lower back and leg pain is much less". Daniel V., Hayward, CA.

"Less leg fatigue at the end of 12 hour shifts". Darlyne D., Dublin, CA.

"My back feels a lot better". David C., San Jose.

"Less knee pain, lower back pain". Judy V., Hayward, CA.

"It is good for me when I stand or walk". Jessica T., San Jose, CA.

"Less heel discomfort". Christine U., Half Moon Bay, CA.

"Combined with an orthotic they have allowed me to start walking again, I have plantar fasciitis and a bone spur". Donna S., San Mateo, CA.

"Increased my tolerance being on my feet :-) ". Bella H., Mountain View, CA 

"Plantar fasciitis tendon is more relaxed. My leg muscles are not as traumatized. I am very happy with my Z-CoiL shoes. They have really helped! I would recommend them to anyone". James M., San Jose, CA

"I no longer have a back ache or heel pain after 10 hours of work. I love my shoes. I walked a marathon for Relay For Life in my shoes". Charlotte H, Concord, CA

"After 8 hours of work on cement floors my feet and legs do not hurt any longer". Linda F., Grass Valley, CA

"Great on my feet and back". Sharon K., San Jose, CA

"Love wearing them for work and working out! Very comfortable". Sherry S., San Jose, CA

"No break-in period. Very comfortable". RK G., Berkley, CA.

"Stabilized my ankle which has been a problem for six years". Masa G., El Sobrante, CA. 

"Ability to run". Jim E., Sunnyvale, CA. 

"Comfortable walking and working all day. No back pain". David V., San Jose, CA. 

"Seemed to help with Plantar Fasciitis (its gone). Makes jazzercise and walking more comfortable and less tiring". Connie L., Boulder Creek, CA.

"Lower back pain, especially when I walk and move about is drastically improved". Alex M., San Jose, CA.

"Can now walk. Stress fractures healing, use wheel chair and carts while shopping much less". Carol K., Nipomo, CA.

"Easier to walk long distances; no heel pain.  I threw out all the pads I'd been using". Bryan B., Los Altos, CA.

"(It) has given back relief and leg relief. Can walk without pain". No name

"Less back, lag and hip pain". Molly V., San Jose, CA.

"Wonderful, recommended to all my friends and coworkers...no longer have foot pain or leg pain. Can stand for long periods of time". Vicki M., San Jose, CA. 

"After foot surgery I have been slow to walk distances. These shoes have helped ease me back into my regular walking habits. My nurses daughter told me about them". Dayle M., Saratoga, CA.

"Stand all day-greater comfort". Andrew G., San Jose, CA.

"Helps me walk better". Archie R., Santa Clara, CA.

"I can stand for a longer time without back pain. I also walk more comfortably. My husband say I hike faster". Joan J. San Carlos, CA.

"Great for walking!!!" Ronald S., Olympia, WA.

"Just bought my second pair, this time sandals. My first pair completely took away my lower back pain. These shoes are the BEST! No jarring to your body when walking. Stride is smooth". Donna B., Key West, FL. 

"Less Backache". Donald B., San Jose, CA.

"80 to 90% relief of foot pain. Able to continue working because of shoe design and staff knowledge". Laurie C., Sunnyvale, CA. 

"No pain in my feet from running-and my feet feel less overall pain". Lynne O., Cupertino, CA.

"Ease of walking. Less Back Pain". Esther T., San Jose, CA.

"Very comfortable". Marianne G., Des Moines, IA. 

"My foot hurt so bad. Got a shot from the Doctor. Didn't help. Went to your store. Your shoes worked great cause I could put my weight on my sore foot and didn't have to walk weird. It helped the whole healing process a ton!!!" Therese M., San Jose, CA.

"I work in the Hospital. I walk and stand up a lot. Z-CoiL helps me and is not too hard on my legs". Diva W., Sunnyvale, CA.

"Legs feel more at ease when jogging on pavement. No more calf pain". Kerry W., Santa Cruz, CA.

"Better pain relief". Terry R., Campbell, CA.

"I just completed hiking 70 miles in 10 days with a pair of Z-CoiL hiking boots. We climbed Mt. Baldy. Had a great time!" Dan C., San Jose, CA.

"Much pain relief in lower back. Easier to walk longer distances". Phyllis M., San Jose, CA.

"My heel doesn't hurt and I have more energy". Linda P., Newark, CA.

"Less stress in back". Lewis C., San Leandro, CA.

"I can walk every day for 1 1/2 hrs with no pain. They have given me back my exercise routine. I love them". Marti M., San Jose, CA.

"Better (for) back pain". Colleen F., Castro Valley, CA.

"No more Back or knee pain. would highly recommend these shoes". Zarah M., San Jose, CA.

 "I now own 3 pair of Z-coil shoes and if they made them in a pump, I would own them too. I can not say enough good things about how these shoes make your feet feel. I had surgery on my left foot last October for Plantar Fasciitis and bought a pair shortly after having my cast removed. Of course, before I purchased them, I had spent $75 on a pair of shoes from a prominent store which claimed they were specifically for my particular condition. What a waste of money they were. Words can not describe how well your feet will feel wearing these shoes. Go try a pair on and see for yourself. Since last October, we have also purchased a pair of work boots for my husband due to his bad knees and back pain. Much to our surprise, they didn't cost any more then a good pair of Red Wings would have. Now he tends to wear his work boots all the time because he found when he wasn't wearing them, he would start to have more knee pain. Because of our success with Z-coil shoes, we purchased a pair of CloudWalkers for my father and Taos Clogs for my mother. We are happy to be a Z-CoiL family!"  Debbie M., San Jose, CA

"No back or knee pain!"  Mike Z., Burlingame, CA

"I wore them on a two week trip to Europe and they saved me as I have bad heels and bad knees, plus I was definitely an 'attraction'!" Patricia S., Sunnyvale, CA

"My experience was fabulous!  My knees do not hurt.  I have energy left over when I finish my walk!"  Bonnie J., Walnut Creek, CA

"Healed my plantar fasciitis."  Ron M., San Jose, CA

"After suffering a severe injury to my ankle in a car accident 35 years ago, leaving my bones, tendons, and ligaments torn and broken, I was diagnosed with post-traumatic osteo arthritis, a problem aggravated with time and use.  Cortisone shots, pain medication and artificial cartilage injections provided me with only temporary and intermittent relief.  Z-CoiLŪ shoes has allowed me to walk relatively pain free!  If you walk in pain, you owe it to yourself to try Z-CoiLŪ shoes!"  Steve W., San Jose, CA

"I have less pain when running."  Laurie B., Los Gatos, CA

"I'm now able to jog and walk without pain!"  Paul S., Watsonville, CA

" Less joint reaction forces on our joints and overall better feel when walking.", Miguel Z., Salinas, CA

"Great for my back when exercising on the Stairmaster."  Rellie P., Campbell, CA

"They virtually have allowed me to remain ambulatory and significantly improved my quality of life!"  Stephen W., San Jose, CA

"I have a spring in my step and I don't tire as easily!" Connie H., Sparks, NV

"Walking without a complaint of feet hurting."   Linda B., Santa Cruz, CA

"Very comfortable and my knees feel great after hiking down trails or from jogging."  Rick N., San Jose, CA

"Some improvement in mobility." Stannye L., Portola Valley, CA

"Not sure yet since I am laid up after knee surgery.  However when I do wear my Z-CoiLsŪ, it's obvious they absorb a lot of shock.  Looking forward to getting more active and putting them to the real test." Karen K., Palo Alto, CA

"Feet and legs have stopped hurting!  Very satisfied, thinking of getting another pair!" Paul C., San Jose, CA

"Being on my feet for hours a day and dealing with a heal spur, these shoes allow me to be on my feet without the pain of a regular shoe.  The benefits of this type of shoe are unbeatable!" George E., Sunnyvale, CA

"My legs used to hurt a lot after a long time standing.  After I started using Z-CoiLŪ, the pain has reduced or sometime gone." Abi L., Cupertino, CA

"Better posture, less stress when walking." Robert B., Sunnyvale, CA

"Dude, my Z-CoiLsŪ are awesome!  I am wearing them every day at the office.  Very comfortable.  I think I should have some marketing material!" Steve M., Los Gatos, CA 

"Easier to walk.  Kids think I can jump higher!  Also on a wet grass field, my feet didn't get wet as with normal tennis shoes." Richard K., San Jose, CA

"My foot and heal pain was becoming disabling.  With my Z-CoiLsŪ I can go about my day with much less or no pain.  I now wear nothing but my Z-CoilsŪ!" Tami E., Sunnyvale, CA

"My legs last longer." Erin S., San Jose, CA

"My heals used to hurt at the end of my 12 hour shifts.  Not anymore!" Diane M., San Jose, CA

"I am very impressed with Z-CoiLŪ shoes.  No longer using foot medication.  Back pain and heal spurs next to gone." Mike B., San Jose, CA

"Very comfortable walking over any terrain.  Recently returned from Spain and walked miles over cobble stones wet and dry without a problem." Mary D., San Jose, CA

"No back pain, no knee pain, no foot pain with tumor under the toes, no sciatica!  I keep singing 'Z's' praises!" Janice B., San Jose, CA.

"The shoes are wonderful and thus being only two weeks, I cant imagine going to work without them!  I am even wearing them on my day off!!  Less foot stress, foot pain, and back pain." Bobbie S., Campbell, CA 

"Staff very friendly and give service to customers.  Z-CoiL's are helping to reduce plantar fasciitis."  Larry L., Campbell, CA

"I usually had pain in my heels.  With Z-CoiL's, the problem has been resolved.  I love these shoes!!!"  Cheryl M., Sunnyvale, CA

"My back feels like it decompressed.  I have less lower back pain and less pain in my knees and ankles."  Donna M., San Jose, CA

"Since wearing Z-CoiL shoes, the back pain I used to have while working late in my shift disappeared.  I would highly recommend to anyone who is always on their feet.  It works!"  Ester T., San Jose, CA

"I have lower back problems - degenerating discs and sciatica.  Consequently, I have eliminated most physical activity except swimming.  I have been able to go back to power walking with a great reduction in pain.  I look forward to trying other things out!"  Josephine C., Palo Alto, CA

"No foot and ankle pain.  Hip pain improved!"  Phyllis N., Santa Cruz, CA

"Feet are not burning tired at the end of the work day.  Back is not aching when standing for long periods.  I'm telling all my friends!"  Erin M, Santa Clara, CA

"More comfort.  I work 12 hour shifts and I am on my feet most of the 12 hours.  Z-CoiL makes life a lot easier, and besides, no one has one like it!"  Pamela D., Columbia, SC

"I am on my feet for many hours as a nurse and I have no more foot pain.  These shoes are great!" Joletta M., Milpitas, CA

"I work 8 hours a day and I am on my feet 95% of that time.  My feet feel better in these shoes.  I also had to come back to the store for a minor adjustment, and the sales person was great!" Kristine E.,  San Jose, CA

"After an evening of square dancing, my back, knees and feet don't hurt.  Much more leg energy when dancing!"  Heather S., Castroville, CA

"Best shoes ever owned.  I bought them for walking, but wear them whenever possible.  Running again and walking and standing for long periods PAIN-FREE!"  Kevin L., San Jose, CA

"Helps me run  more often because of alleviating my heel pain. I've told many of my clients." Wendy C., Santa Cruz, CA.

"Comfortable. Has helped  knees which have severe osteoarthritis." Robert B., Campbell, CA

"I have a problem with my metatarsal arch. The shoes have given real relief and enable me to walk better and more comfortably." Hilda J., San Jose, CA

"Back discomfort, knee, neck, and shoulder discomfort. Over all relief and joy." Michael S., Los Gatos, CA

"Less knee pain, able to walk longer, love the Velcro closure." Colleen J., Sea Side, CA

"EZ coil spells pain relief." Patricia S., San Jose, CA

"I dance and usually after a show I come out from back stage walking like a 50 year old. After a recent show walking in my Z-coiL's I had no such discomfort." Loraine S., Sunnyvale, CA

"Better feel for my back ache. I like the feeling when I am walking or standing a long time." Ruth C., San Jose, CA

"Comfortable feet-in less pain. Feel good recommending Z-coiL to other people." Mary L., Sunnyvale, CA

"Still getting used to them. But, I have already recommended to 2 people who have bought." Teri K., San Jose, CA

"So far they seem to work well." Joe G., Los Gatos, CA

"Heel spurs feel good and pain in hip has lessened." Laurie D., San Jose, CA

"Much less pressure on front of feet." Gordon P., San Jose, CA

 "Very good on the feet." Martha G., San Jose, CA

"Less stress on knees/feet after jogging." Jennifer B., San Jose, CA

"It stops foot shock to my heels-since I walk heavy on my feet." Constance B., Saratoga, CA

"My knees don't feel the amount of tension when walking on hard surfaces." Martha U., San Jose, CA

"Reduced lower back pain. No need for foot orthotics. Extremely comfortable shoes." Jerry S., Cupertino, CA

"I stand on my feet all day and now my feet do not hurt, my knees feel better and my whole body is feeling wonderful."  Noel S., San Jose, CA

"Less back pain."  Elizabeth H., Gilroy, CA

"I feel lighter pressure off the heel.  I wear them in my YMCA aerobics class and it helps me keep going!" Katherine C., San Mateo, CA

"It allows me to walk minimal distances and especially stand for longer periods with pelvic and S1 joint fractures."  Troy W., San Mateo, CA

"No further recurring pain in knees and lower back.  Plantar Fasciitis disappeared!!"  Bray E., San Jose, CA

"I can actually walk without pain!"  Judith B., San Francisco, CA

"You need more promotion.  Now that I own 3 pairs of Z-Coil's, I feel I can go anywhere!", Betsy P., Livingston, TX

"They provide lower cost of shoes (one shoe for basketball, one for running, and also less frequent replacement versus formerly used running shoes), less back pain from running."  Mark S., Belmont, CA

"I'm able to jog a few times a week on my bad knee.  Thanks!"  Jim P., San Jose, CA

"My calves are much better." Leonard W., Monterey, CA

"I had 3 pair of shoes at work.  I'd change shoes at least twice per 8 hour work period.  With Z-CoiL shoes, my feet don't feel as tired as before."  Michelle J., Mountain View, CA

"I can't wait to tell my arthritis specialist that my Z-CoiL's are better than his pain pills for my sore ankles and knees!", Joanna S., Los Gatos

"Very positive experience! Thanks."  Sandra F., San Jose, CA

"Less wear and tear on my knees - I stand on my feet all day - My body is not as tired!"  Jo Ann L., Campbell, CA

"You are the best!!  Imagine driving a car with no shocks...  My body thanks me every step!!"  Danny H., San Jose, CA

"Comfortable at a 3 day trade show - also for general wearing"  Marsha B., San Jose, CA

"I've been wearing them during my lunchtime walk and at work and they make the walk seem more fun!"  Terri F, Los Gatos, CA

" Less impact on my entire body at work and while exercising."  Joseph P, San Jose, CA

" Walking easier and straighter. No feet pain."  Helene L, Naples, FL

"I have never been more happy."  Jesse S, Capitola, CA

"Comfort while walking on cement." Adrianne M, San Jose, CA

" I was standing on cement floor 8 hours a day. Horrible lower back pain to the crippling point. These shoes are short of a pain relief miracle. My back pain went away immediately. I was not fatigued or over tired at the end of the day. Great exercise shoes too." Donna B, Key West, FL

" 12 hour shifts without back pain!"  Jennifer S, Santa Clara, CA

" I no longer worry that I am re-injuring my foot." Linda B, San Jose, CA

" No more back pain."  Jan G, San Jose, CA.

"My feet don't bother me and my legs don't hurt either. Low back is fine also." Taylor B, San Jose, CA

" It has helped some with the back pain."  Grace M, Livermore, CA

"I can walk, any where now without pain."  Keith R, Saratoga, CA

"Less Pain." Pat Q, San Jose, CA

"Amazing relief for knees, lower back as well as feet. I love my Z-coils and highly recommend them." Alex M, San Jose, CA

"Les leg fatigue.  Thanks!"  Christina J., Ben Lomand

"After seven years of limping from several knee surgeries and horrible arthritis, I do not limp or sway anymore.  My whole body feels better!  Thank you."  Beth O., San Jose, CA

"They are so comfortable!!  Hardly wear other shoes."  Ann M., San Jose, CA

"Back pains went away and they are comfortable" Jeremy B., Santa Cruz, CA

"Keep up the friendly service.  More energy, easier time walking and better balance.  All over satisfaction!" Connie V., Los Gatos, CA

"I wear them everyday - work - home - yard - walking dog" Marilyn I., Fremont, CA

"Running with no back pain or foot pain"  Lisa S., San Carlos, CA

"Balance better, soreness in feet, knees and back no longer felt.  Due to all benefits and comfort of Z-CoiL's, all other shoes are not worn!"  Cindy A., Manteca, CA

"Fit is great. Sore knees improving." Patricia K. El Granada, CA

"Less Back Pain" Fereidoun E., San Jose, CA. 

"Much less knee pain when walking on concrete + asphalt" Christine M. Yorktown, VA. 

"Security on knowing that I can walk on and off trails and not stumble on the uneven surfaces!" Benita W., Los Gatos, CA

"Less leg + foot pain. I can walk the mall again without frequent stops or pain the next few days after". Gloria H., San Jose, CA.

"As an ER nurse, I am on my feet 12 hours a day, running. With my Z-CoiLs, I have NO joint or foot pain at the end of the day!". Susan W., Fresno, CA.

"Painless feet after 8-hr shift of being on my feet (literally). It makes me feel less tired". Jeffrey A., San Jose, CA. 

"No more pain from heel spur. From the moment I put them on the pain went away & comes back with regular shoes!" Ronald I., Mariposa, CA. 

"Able to stand all day without back pain". Marci H., Morgan Hill, CA.

"Less impact on knees + hips". Sheila F., Cincinnati, OH. 

"Improved posture-Less pain in legs". Chrissandra S., Castro Valley, CA.

"More energy-move faster and still have arch support" M. J., F. San Jose, CA.

"Can walk again. Have problems with both of my feet. No foot pain now. Am able to take my night-time walks". Brenda V., San Jose, CA.

"I couldn't walk without pain...Now ever since I put on Z-CoiLs (Cloudwalkers are the best shoes ever) my back feels great". Dennis N., San Jose, CA. 

"Less knee pain. Ability to walk longer distances". Mary M., Cupertino, CA.

"Comfort, feels great. Back feels great. I love them". Gina T., Dublin, CA.

"My pain has not gone but it helps me a lot. Whenever I am on my feet, I don't care to wear any other shoes". Thomas M., San Jose, CA.

"More balanced on feet. Legs don't ache from standing for long periods". Judith K., Campbell, CA.

"Takes pressure off my back when walking". June S., San Jose, CA.

"Comfort-the best shoes I have ever bought". Graciela V., San Jose, CA.

"I think the Z-Coils have helped me walk better". James D., San Jose, CA.

"Wonderful-helped my back 99%". Darlene R., Palo Alto, CA.

"My knees haven't felt this good in years. It really takes a load off them". William B., Los Gatos, CA.

"Absolutely amazing". Debbie M., San Jose, CA.

"End of back pain, reduced heel pain, can dance for 4 hours without aching". Karen K., Redwood City, CA. 

"My back and legs hurt less". Frances H., Fontana, CA.

"Ease of walking. Now I can keep up with my neighbor (who owns a pair) on walks now". Cindy L., San Jose, CA. 

"I can walk without hip pain". Pat B., Newark, CA.

"They help me stay on my feet much longer and my feet do not hurt as much once I get off of them". William P., San Jose, CA.

"I bought these shoes for days when I am on my feet a lot. I have lower back problems and these shoes have definitely helped". Theresa L., Saratoga, CA.

"Really makes my walks comfortable". Dorothy W., San Jose, CA. 

"I can walk now". Bruce I., Santa Clara, CA.

"Better (for) back pain". Colleen F., Castro Valley, CA.

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